Monday, September 30, 2013

Getting Organized...and staying that way!

Hello lovelies! 
Okay so I don't know when y'all start school, but I'm already in my fourth or fifth week of college! This is generally the point when the new-ness wears off and classes aren't so fun anymore. So today I'll show you my cute little Lilly Pulitzer agenda and some ways I stay (mostly) organized and on the ball!

1. Make To-Do lists
     I have seen some planners that have to do lists already written in, but since I love my Lilly planners so much, I just write it in myself! It's so nice when you can see exactly what you have to do and you don't have to stress to remember it and it really keeps me on task to see the list in front of me. The best part is checking off an assignment or errand and knowing you're being productive!

2. Write everything down
     In high school, I would only write down homework assignments and never meetings or appointments. Now, I write down everything because if I see that I have a paper due Friday and two meetings on Thursday, I know that I won't have time to procrastinate. I like to see how busy or open my week will be, especially when I'm scheduling other things so I can spread things out evenly!
When it comes to readings for class, even though those aren't technically homework because you aren't having to turn it in, I still write it down. It's especially helpful when I miss class so I don't have to ask what I missed or search my syllabus. 

3. Make notes days/weeks ahead
     I have become really obsessed with leaving myself little notes 2-3 weeks in advance for papers or tests and at least a week ahead for big homework assignments. This way I don't get to the week of the test and realize I should've stayed in that weekend. I'll plan my weekends to go home around this and it helps me to at least start studying a bit early and not have to cram everything in!

4. It's okay to take study breaks
     So this isn't really an organizing tip, but just go with it, because it can help you to stay on the ball with a fresh mind! So many of my friends will study for hours and by the time they finally quit their brains are fried. I like to study for an hour and then watch a YouTube video (or two...or seven. eek) or eat a good snack! This gives your brain time to recharge and makes studying not such a drag! Just make sure you eat something healthy and filling (granola, trail mix, peanut butter and apples, etc) and not pure sugar, which makes you tired and slows you down! That will just cause you to crash even more. If you're looking for a great study break, I recommend this one.

What is your best "getting organized" tip? 
  All my love,


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