Monday, September 23, 2013

Winter Clothes

Sorry it's been a while, I've been very busy and getting super excited because I'm getting great post ideas. I never realized how much I actually do until I had to start thinking of things to fill this space with! Someone told me once that what might be totally boring to you could be super interesting to someone half way across the world and I do hope that's the case! So I recently took a trip for my birthday (more details to come later) and while I was there I went shopping crazy! My favorite things that I bought were from J. Crew so I thought I'd share them here! I got their excursion vest, which I've been wanting forever in hunter green

this adorable plaid flannel that is the softest shirt I have EVER owned

This scalloped dress in royal blue (deciding which color I wanted was so hard but I think this color will be great for fall with tights and boots and good in the spring as well) and the material is quite wonderful!

and last but not least, I got two peplum shirts (one in the coral and one in white) and I love them both...they make great staple pieces because they are such a classic fit and they work great with skirts for nice occasions or just with jeans for a lazy day! 
All of the images are taken straight from the J. Crew website as I am terrible at doing OOTD's. I am also terrible at cropping, as you can see. Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed this post! 
All my love,


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