Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Favorites

Hello lovelies! 
If you're a new follower from my guest post on Mason...Like the Jar, then you'll recognize this post! If not, I've reposted it (with added extras at the bottom of course!) so you don't miss out! I’ve included my fav outfit, jackets, accessories, and even some of my favorite tracks at the moment! Anddd we’re off!

fall favorites

1. Coziest. Outfit. EVER.
            Okay so I can totally vouch for the fact that this J. Crew flannel is both the cutest and softest thing I have purchased so far this fall. I’m obsessed with the colors in the plaid and it’s so easy to throw on with an infinity scarf and leggings or skinnies and head out the door! It’s a great length in the front and back and not very boxy or anything, because I have those issues with some other button downs. All in all, I totally recommend it.  Also, there is nothing better than throwing on a pair of leggings, dressing it up with a cute top and accessories, and heading out the door! Not to mention the comfy-ness and easiness of an infinity scarf…can you say PERFECT?
2. Fabulous Footies
            For this one, I couldn’t choose between bean or “duck” boots and riding boots, so I included them both (this is why I have a shopping problem. Oops)! I am actually planning on adding bean boots to my Christmas list as I see them everywhere and they are both cute and functional, which is obviously a must since the rain in the South in the winter is cuh-razy. Of course, I had to include the Tory Burch Juliet riding boots, but I’m also loving these and these as well! They are classic and I personally fell like riding boots are a staple in any fall wardrobe. For a less pricey option with all the classic cuteness, check these out! I have them and they are SUPER comfortable on my feet and wallet.
3. Adorable Outerwear
            In this category, I picked the three options I wear most! This year, I got my first Patagonia synchilla pullover in a deep hunter green color. I absolutely love it! It goes well with Nike shorts, leggings, or jeans, and the front pocket is super convenient for my phone or license when I need to get to it quickly! I thought I’d mind that it doesn’t have pockets, but it’s so cute and warm that I don’t at all!
Next up, is the excursion vest from J. Crew. This came out last year and I’ve lusted after it ever since then. I popped into the J. Crew factory close to me a couple weekends ago and bought it the minute I saw it. They also have it in a navy and cream (my favorite colors), and I honestly want it in each color. It goes well with everything I want to pair it with and is super comfy.
Last but not least, CAPES! I picked up my first cape from Anthropologie last winter, and oh boy, I am seriously obsessed now. It all started because I’m obsessed with Duchess Kate, but that’s a whole other post…! I have two now, and I wear them all the time as soon as it gets cold enough. To me, they have a vintage feel to them, and not everyone wears them, so they make me feel all cute and royal! I’ve worn them with button downs and jeans, as well as with dresses and tights, so they are much more versatile than you’d think! #oliviapopewannabe
4. Nail Polish Necessities
            These three colors are my absolute favorite at the moment. The navy is Essie After School Boy Blazer, and I really love it. I have very pale skin so I was a little worried about how dark it would be, but it works very well, not to mention that it goes with everything! The green color is OPI Jade is the New Black, and again, while I was scared that it’d be too dark, it works out perfectly…matches with everything, and can you tell dark green is my favorite color at the moment??  The Butter London polish is called “All Hail the Queen” (ah, love it) and may just be my favorite. It looks different depending on the lighting and what it’s paired with, but it always looks great. It’s sparkly, but not in a third grade way, and while I’d say it looks like a creamy beige-ish color, it’s so much better than that! Definitely worth checking out!
5. Adorable Accessories
            Ahh, accessories. In my opinion, they make or break an outfit, so obviously I love them. I included the Louis Vuitton Speedy simply because I love mine and the shape and neutral colors can go with anything and top it off in a simple, but still cute, polished way. The monogram necklace isn’t just a fall accessory, I wear mine year around, but it’s a simple addition that can be worn with most anything, and doesn’t require much effort, so I love it. One of my favorite fall accessories is a deep red lip. I can’t always pull them off, but I really liked this shade. It’s Chanel Rouge Allure and it’s a matte color. Lastly, I alwayssss have a pair of sunnies with me, and my favorites for fall are my monogrammed wayfarers and my aviators.
6. Mood Music!
            Okay, I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t let a few Christmas songs play on my shuffle, but for now, I’ve included only fall-ish songs. Obviously, Lorde is everywhere at the moment, and I just feel like Royals is different than anything else on my IPod right now (and super sassy, duhh).  Counting Stars, About a Girl, and Who You Love are all different, but I really love them, they’ve totally hooked me. As far as Flowers in the Window goes, I found it because it’s one of Harry Styles’ favorites and I mean, that makes me love it already. I didn’t like it at first listen but now it just makes me so happy, mini car concerts and all! Bruises by Train makes me think about all sorts of things about life and I’ve just come to really love it. I think it has a nice meaning for everyone.
7. YouTubers and Bloggers 
             You may be thinking that this is such a weird category that has nothing to do with fall, but since these are my favorites, and it's currently fall, it totally goes, mkay? This week is mid-term week (arghh) and I've just been having very stressed out days and long nights, and it's only Wednesday. So my point in saying that, is that for a 2 hour veg out  quick study break, I usually turn to my Bloglovin (follow me here) or Youtube. I never used to use Youtube, much less have an account and people that I subscribed too, but now I'm shamelessly obsessed and look forward to their funny videos for a cheer-up/de-stress sesh. Zoella and Louise are friends that do makeup tutorials as well as life vlogs. They are so SO funny and I love their accents. I have also just found their friend Tanya Burr who does all things fashion and makeup and I love her tutorials! Great make-up ideas and fashion hauls! *Heads up - most of these people are British, you're welcome* Next up are Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, and Joey Graceffa. Again, so hilarious. They do little funny videos and Joey does daily vlogs. I find myself talking like them now and I love it.  Last but so not least, Alfie, Jim Chapman (engaged to Tanya Burr), Marcus Butler, and Jack and Finn Harries! They are all young-ish guys who have the most wonderful accents and great senses of humor. Jack and Finn (who are twins...eep!) travel a lot and do tons of charity work too, so go check them out, but be warned, you WILL fall in love. Again, you're welcome!
               As far as blogs go, I check College Prepster daily, and have since senior year, and I feel like Carly is one of my real life friends. She lives in New York now and if you haven't heard of her, you should check her out! I'm incredibly jealous of her life! While we're discussing people I wish I could "freaky friday" with, Amy Norris of Well Educated deff makes the list. She's adorable, is British, and goes to college in London. What more do you want? 

So that’s it! I hope you liked hearing about all my favorites as much as I like them! I didn't mean to overload you with links and a 10 trillion page post, but I'm loving so many things at the moment, and if they make me laugh, why not share them with you, right? What are some of your fall favorites? Is there an amazing blog that I'm missing out on? I'd love ideas for new clothes (even though I shouldn't) and fun ideas for things to do! 
      All my love,


  1. Aaah thank you so much!! Seriously though, I think I've started speaking like Tyler Oakley - someone says something stupid and I'm like 'byeeee'!!
    I've been wondering about Essie's After School Boy Blazer for a while so I think you've just given me the confidence to go get it!!

    xo Amy | Well Educated

  2. You are so welcome! And I love Tyler! His 1D videos crack me up! Oh, and I totally say "goodness gracianias" like Joey Graceffa. And as far as the Essie polish, it's my favorite! Goes with all my plaids (;


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