Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Ideas for Costumes and Fun

Hello lovelies!
Halloween is here!
If you're like me, you've procrastinated until the day before Halloween to pull together a costume, so here are some ideas I've been playing around with in my head! Some of these can be thrown together, but some require a little more effort!

Single Ideas.
The Indian and The Princess are classics. They can both be done cheaply and quickly with a tutu and crown for the Princess, or a brown dress and some feathers for the Indian, orrr if you were ahead of the game, you can buy/make a super decked out version. I think both are cute.

Modern Twists on Old Ideas.
I personally think Honey Boo Boo is hilarious (I did that for Halloween
last year) and that obviously just takes princess to another level. It's cute and makes you stand out a bit more than all the other "princessy" girls, and you can also fake a bad southern accent. yes please.

Another modern twist on an "oldie but goodie" would be being a fox. It's still an animal, but you can joke and sing "What does the fox say?" all night long. This is personally what I'm doing and I think it's super cute. I was a lion when I was little so I'm going to have so much fun collaging those two pictures together.
Couple Ideas. My favorite couple ideas are a loofa and a bar of soap, a princess and a prince (pick any Disney movie basically), mustard and ketchup or salt and pepper (classic!), or my newest faves, War and Peace or Peace and Quiet. One of you is a hippie and the other is either a mime or wears all black and has fake weapons. Lots can be done with that, I think. I'm of course partial to Disney Prince and Princess, duhh, but all of them are easy and cute! This is my favorite Disney Prince and Princess "come to life" look, obvi.
Party Ideas. If you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with fall. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are my favorite holidays. So I've been spending obsessive amounts of time on Pinterest looking at party decorations. You're welcome. The themed trail mix is probably my favorite! Easy, clean, anddd cute, I can dig it. And as far as the donuts on little witches brooms, that is just precious. For games, I think bobbing for apples is classic and I've always wanted to do it! I also like the idea of the candy corn bingo as you can eat the pieces once you're done! I think that guessing what's in a bowl of something by touching it while you're blindfolded freaks me out, but I'd like to watch other people do it!
So that's all I have! I hope you've enjoyed this and maybe it sparked an idea for your costume or Halloween party! If you have any cool costume ideas, please fill me in, I'm lacking creativity at the moment! 
What are you going to be for Halloween? Any fun plans? 
All my love, 

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