Thursday, October 10, 2013

These Are My Favorite Things! (for now anyway)

Hello lovelies!
Now that you guys already know I'm a bit nosy curious, you should know I'm a big fan of monthly favorites videos and posts! Now I don't really like change, so my favorites don't change that often, but I figured I'd post about what I'm loving right now. Most of them are beauty products, so I'll get the one that isn't out of the way first.

These note cards came in a set of 50 from Walmart (yes, I know!). They are scalloped and have the cutest cursive on them. They also came with the most adorable envelopes with a pattern on the back flap. I love stationary and love that these have "hello" cards for just normal, everyday notes, as well as matching "thank you" cards. At $10, I consider these a steal! (and that packaging...eep!)

Now these next two I've been having for a while, but that just means that I keep buying them because I love them and they work. SO well. They are a bit on the higher end of the price spectrum with the BB cream at about $36 and the Urban Decay makeup setting spray about $20. They last very long though, so there's my excuse. Anyway, I originally bought the BB cream because my skin is extremely light and I wanted something with light to moderate coverage that did more things than just cover my skin. Now, my skin rarely breaks out, so if you need a bit more than just something to even out your skin, I wouldn't recommend this. However, I have been nothing but pleased with it. It's great for sensitive skin as it has no weird harsh ingredients and it moisturizes my skin without making it oily. LOVE it. The makeup setting spray does exactly what you would think. I spray it about twice on my face right after my foundation and blush, then powder after. It holds your makeup on very well and the de-slick formula which I have just keeps it from getting oily throughout the day.

I'm gonna go ahead and do my three favorite hair products all together because otherwise this post will be a jillion pages long! For those of you who don't know, my hair is very long. I am obsessed with making sure it stays healthy and my most recent challenge has been trying to get it to has a bit of volume. Growing up, I never used any "special formula" hair things, I just always used whatever my family used. Now that I live on my own, I totally see why they do special formulas. The very first time I used the shampoo and conditioner together and blowdryed my hair (upside down) the results were great. It was soooo much lighter than usual and really had body! It was such a great purchase! The leave-in conditioner is my favorite because its cheap, smells amazing (sort of like cologne, but in the best way...and I smell it all day), and makes my hair very soft without weighing it down. Per-fect. All of these are relatively inexpensive being that they're from my local supermarket (under $15 for all three).

Keeping with the hair trend, this is one of my favorite dry shampoos. I wash my hair every other day, so I don't have a problem with oil as much, but again, I have a volume issue. I also really like the Suave version because it's great for volume, but this one won out for me because it smells really good. I love when the wind flips my hair and it still smells great hours later, and with this, it definitely does. They are both fairly inexpensive at about $4 a bottle. (I also really love the classic, clean packaging!)

Next is my moisturizer. I don't remember to put this on every night, but I use it at least 4 times a week. I really love that it doesn't sit on top of my skin and make it feel yuck. It sinks right in and when I wake my skin is perfectly soft, but not oily...which is just how it should be, right? I think this cost me under $10 and it has lots of vitamins and nutrients to make your skin as wonderful and healthy as it should be!

Last but definitely not least, my favorite lip color at the moment is Rimmel Vintage Pink and it's a moisture renew one. I have it on my lips as I'm writing this and they are so soft! I hate lip gloss because it's so sticky, and so I wear lipsticks for the softness, and this is one of my favorites! It almost feels like chapstick, except not as liquid-y, but definitely not waxy at all. It looks very purple in the picture, but as you can see from the swatch on my very pale skin, it actually shows up like a deeper pink. It changes with the lighting, but I am very pleased with this color as it is great for fall and easy to wear with anything! Again, relatively inexpensive at maybe about $6.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing all my favorite things at the moment, and if you have any recommendations for me, please leave a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts!
All my love,

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