Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Update

Hello lovelies! 
So I'm thinking that from now on I'll do a post every Monday about all the things I got up to during the weekend. Sounds good? Mmkay. And we're off!
So Friday night, I got together with my best friend K (for anonymity reasons I'll only use initials, and plus it's so Gossip Girl!) and we made mini pizza out of Pillsbury biscuits. It was delicious and oh so easy to make! All we used was tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and the biscuits themselves. It made 8 pizzas and we were full after 1 and a half so there were lots of leftovers! I'll link you to a full explanation here, but this should be all the motivation you need.

Next up, on Saturday morning, I went to a conference put on by my university called "Elect Her!" and it was so lovely! I learned all kinds of great things about campaign strategies and how to get elected to the position you want, as well as the importance of women being involved in the legislature.  After that, I spent the whole afternoon studying, again with K! We have this cool little coffee shop on campus, totally Rory Gilmore-ish, and I tried to capture it's brilliance, but pictures really don't do it justice.
While I'm on the subject of not being able to blog an atmosphere, let me just tell you about where we ate dinner. There is this place called Louie's on campus and it's a 50s type diner that is so so cool. While we were there the LSU game was playing on the radio and we just sat, ate, smelled all the wonderful smells of them cooking and baking, and enjoyed the old school atmosphere of listening to a game on the radio. Tres cool. (;

When we got back to my hall, K, my roommate, my roommate's boyfriend, and I played tons of rounds of "Apples to Apples." Now, I know you're probably like "Is this girl really playing cards on a Saturday night?" and the answer is "yes, yes I am." And it was so so much fun really. We laughed so hard at some points that we cried, and I loved it! If you've never played it before you really should try it out! This was, of course, my favorite card.

As far as Sunday goes, it pretty much looked like this all day. I read books, caught up on schoolwork, and read all my previously unread blogs on bloglovin! It was so amazing to be so very lazy!

And that's that! Leave me a comment and let me know what you got up to this weekend!
All my love,

P.S. - I've just made a new you like it?



  1. Those pizzas look gorgeous! I love making my own pizzas but they're always super filling!! Great post :)

    Beth x

    1. thanks! these were so easy, quick, and made for great leftovers! perfect for college cooking!

  2. Oh my Gosh, I'm so in love with that coffee house!
    I'm definitely still on a mission to find somewhere as cute in London that can rival Starbucks' Skinny Vanilla Latte perfection!

    xo Amy | British Prep

    1. gosh, the pictures don't even do it justice! when it's about 6pm the light comes in the big windows and it's gorgeous! They have the comfiest chairs and I love to go get hot chocolate when it's cold out. There is also a killer gelato place next door. All together it's pretty perfect!


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