Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's in my (uni) bag?

Hello lovelies!
So because I'm a very nosy inquisitive person, I absolutely loooove "What's in my Bag" posts. I love them all...purses, laptop bags, backpacks, you name it. So I decided that it's time I do my own! Now I live on campus, so I don't carry everything at once, but for the most part I bring everything else I may need, besides all my notebooks.
Here we go!
So first, there's my actual backpack. It's a Vera Bradley laptop backpack from about two years ago. I really love all the compartment space and pockets, especially the padded one for your laptop/iPad/tablet/whatever. My only complaint is that the side pockets aren't big enough for a water bottle and I may switch up to a Northface or Patagonia next year. Also, you see my little germ x hanging off the top...I have about 7 total and I keep some on me at all times. #germophobe
Next we have the stuff that goes in my main pocket. Totally boring because I only carry one notebook and my agenda at a time, but I do love the light weight-ness. My notebooks are the kind that have rings like a binder but are bendy like a notebook. I love them because I can take things out and move them around, use tabs like a binder and have multiple sections, but it's not as rigid or heavy like a binder. I also keep my agenda at all times and it's the Lilly Pulitzer large agenda in "Tusk in Sun" (in my opinion the most adorable print and name combo)! Obviously since this is the third one I've bought, I love the amount of space for each day, the cute backgrounds for months, and the overall size and look of it.
I mean, how adorable is this??

In the very back, there is a pouch that is protected by foamy stuff so your laptop doesn't get smushed and broken. This where I keep my laptop or iPad, depending on which lectures I have that day. I also keep headphones here because one, you never know when you'll need them, and two, if I keep them if the front pouch they tangle with everything else.

The front pouch is where I keep most everything. I have a few things like my clicker and ID cards in the side pockets, but not much else. Here I keep yet another germ x (no surprise there), 3 different kinds of white out (again, OCD), a little packet of Kleenex (I really like this kind because the wrapper is plastic, not paper, so it doesn't rip or tear), a few highlighters, some bubble gum, a really nice note a friend wrote me a while back that I keep for a mini pep talk every now and then, a little owl mirror (for those really rough days), and a Vera Bradley accordion envelope for my index cards and post it notes and tabs (this keeps them clean and saver). I also keep a
little blanket corner that my dad wrote on when I
was in elementary school because it's soft and
comforting when I'm stressed (I swear, I really am in college).

So, other than that, the only things not pictured are my hole reinforcements, yet another mirror and more germ x, and more gum that I keep in the side pocket! Hope you enjoyed that and if you're looking for advice on things not shown that you should always have with you, I'd say:

Bobby pins
Hair ties
A few dollars and spare change 
Mini deodorant (seems weird, but I swear, some days...)
Extra pens and pencils 
Umbrella (in a side pocket)
Also, always keep a water bottle on you, especially when it's hot outside! 

        All my love,

P.S. - I know these pictures are so 3rd grade material, but I'm not a photographer, so we're going to ignore that, okay? okay.

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