Monday, October 28, 2013

What's in a weekend..?

Hello lovelies!
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great, if I say so myself! Starting on Friday, even though I was stressed about my test, I woke up, had a great breakfast, and listened to The Story of my Life (New One Direction song, duhh.) on the radio for the first time ever! It. Is. Amazing. After three hours of listening studying, I took my test, and man, oh man, it was terrible. It's one of those things when you study every line of the notes and get to the test and you're like "Where did my teacher finds these things because we obviously aren't reading the same book!" Buttt, what's done is done, so afterwards I got the best salad ever and watched all the Halloween YouTube videos I had been missing. Great afternoon right there!

On Friday night, I went to see the new Romeo and Juliet and totally loved it! I've always loved the story, even though it's so sad, but I thought the movie was wonderful. In the old movies that you watch in English class the characters have no chemistry and to me, it's a bit dull. In this one, the chemistry is great and you actually feel like they truly love each other even though it's only been a day. Also, the clothes and sets are beautiful. I highly recommend it! I have a mild crush on Douglas Booth now, oh dear.
I saw the movie at Perkins Rowe, which is sort of like and outdoor shopping center, and I thought the decorations beautiful. The trees were all lit up and the fountain looked magical!

I also stopped into Urban Outfitters and found this hilarious sweater. Enjoy!

Saturday was homecoming for LSU but I was sick, so I stayed in my room all day to study and rest before the game! I took a few pics of the stadium and of course the cheesy one with the field in the background!

Also, at LSU we do lawn decorations made of rolled paper for Homecoming week, so here is a picture of Chi O's! The theme was going back in time so we focused on when LSU was a military academy!

Sunday morning I woke up and drove home to have lunch with my family at my grandparents! I really am so blessed to have such a great family and it was nice to be able to de-stress and refocus before this week. As I said in my Friday post, it was not a great week for me last week, but being able to relax and spend time with my family away from school work really helped! I also went to the store with my little sister to help her pick out makeup and ended up getting these two things! I was so happy to get the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick because I've seen and heard so many good things about it and one of my favorite YouTubers Zoella always uses it, and so far I'm loving it! It's pretty dark, and can get everywhere if you're not careful (I'm not), but it's such a pretty a/w color! The Revlon Colorburst gloss is in 016 Bordeaux and I saw this on SarahBelle93x's channel! The minute I saw the color I had to have it! I've never been a gloss fan (so sticky!) but this one is magical! It's obviously not as smooth as lipstick or balm, but hardly sticky at all and sooo pigmented (smells great too)! I wore it all day yesterday!

So that's all for me! Happy Monday!

What did you get up to this weekend? What are your plans for this week?

All my love,

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