Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun in the Sun, and Movies, and Shopping Sprees, oh my!

Hello my lovelies!
How was your weekend? Mine was very busy and fun, but still so refreshing and relaxing, and aren't those just the best?!? So on Friday morning, I worked a bit and then left for home! The drive itself was great with all my favorite songs on the radio and just gorgeous weather, so that set my weekend off on a good note right there! I had lunch with my dad and my grandparents (my dad works at the business my grandparents own, two birds with one stone!) and then went home to start washing laundry and clean my car. It was a wreck, oops.

On Friday night, my mom and I had planned to do all sorts of Halloweenie things, but as things I plan normally do, things didn't really work out. However, if I had ended up carving a pumpkin, it would've looked like this! We ended up watching one of my favorite movies at the moment, Beautiful Creatures! Ethan's accent is just too precious. J'adore.
Saturday morning my mom and I went to the gym. For a whole hour. That never happens in my life, but I actually enjoyed it. Once I drag my butt to the gym, I actually really like it, but I have no motivation to drag myself there, so it's a rarity. After that, we ran home to shower and get ready and then went to UL's (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, my hometown) homecoming football game. I stupidly forgot to take a cool picture so I stole this off a friend's instagram. I was sitting over on the hill that you can see to the right of the picture. Again, the weather this weekend was just so amazing that it was hard to be anything but deliriously happy! I love hanging out outside when it's a perfect day!
On Saturday night my dad and I went to see Ender's game together! Y'all, I loved it. I really like sci-fi movies within reason, and this one was just so cool. It's kind of like when you see Spy Kids or something and you want to move into their cool spy treehouse. All the scenes were so real and the technology was so cool. At one point they practice battle strategies in a 0 gravity room. I loved it. I really love that my dad is the kind of dad who loves to come shopping with us and help us pick clothes, but who also loves to go to sic-fi movies too. If you want to read a full summary for the film, I'll link you here. I really recommend it. I'm also looking forward to seeing About Time. If you've seen it and loved it please let me know!
Sunday was a bit crazy. Well, the shopping bit in the afternoon was, but I digress. Sunday morning I woke up and watched One Direction's newest music video, #idie! And basically, any morning started a la One Direction is PER-fect. After that I hung around with my mom and sister and we watched a couple of movies before I had to start packing up to head back to school! I stopped off at Ulta before I left though, and boy oh boy, it was a free for all. I bought some new Real Techniques make-up brushes and have been playing with them ever since. They are so cute and soft and make me feel so grown up and sophisticated. I told you, it's the little things. (; They were only about $30 for all 4, which is really good considering that some are $20-$30 for one brush, and these seem to be pretty good quality. They also come with a little case that can be a stand, I'm pretty obsessed.

I also bought new Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I am obsessed with the packaging on the powder. It is so sleek and smooth (great for throwing in my bag to go somewhere), but it also has little notches on the side so it stays shut, which is magical, because I'm not all about powder getting everywhere in my purse, thankyouverymuch. It also has the Rimmel Crown on the actual powder part, eek, so royal! I got it in the shade 003 which is just called natural. One step up from translucent, hallelujah!

Last but so not least, I got the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. I have yet to try it, but I am excited that it comes in a bit of a bigger bottle than most other dry shampoos. I use this stuff every day, I have no time for baby bottles!
Well that's all for me! I have fall break this week and I'm heading up to Memphis, so you can look forward to some excited posts about that! Can't wait to wear my cape in the cold weather and pretend to be Duchess Kate! (:

All my love,


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