Friday, November 1, 2013

Ghost of Halloweens Past

Hello lovelies! 
How was your halloween last night? I went over to a friend's and watched movies and ate TONS of candy and had a wonderful time! Since I'm not at home for the weekend yet, I had my sister send me some of my old halloween pics for your pure enjoyment! So sit back, grab the bucket of last night's candy, and enjoy one last bit of Halloween! 

I spent my first Halloween as a cat (or mouse, maybe?) with a rockin' Halloween bib. It's a rough life being a baby. 

Here's another pic from my first Halloween with my sister Mal. I was a little over a month old and she was almost 6, I believe. This Jasmine costume was handmade by my mom and worn by all of us at least twice. 

Here we are all three of us, and since my younger sister Hannah is almost 2 here, I'm guessing I'm about 5! Me and Mal were fairies and Hannah borrowed my cat hat from the above pics! Hand me downs at their best! 


Oh baby! Here's that lion costume I previously mentioned! Can we just discuss how annoying sequins and tulle are when they are squeezing your chubby cheeks? Needless to say, while it looked adorable, I've still got some resentment about that one. And lets not even mention the tail. The next picture is all of us as witches, obvi. I cannot even tell you how many times I went as a witch, it was just so dang comfortable. I'm gonna guess and say I'm about 7 or 8.

And for my personal favorite...drum roll please!

And wow! I left the date here so you can see that I was almost 4. #sassyfromthestart

So there's your silly little Halloween flashback from me! I'm doing Halloween with my family tonight (carving pumpkins, yay!) so you'll be sure to see some of that on Monday! Have a great weekend! 

What were you for Halloween? Anything quirky or creative? 

All my love, 


  1. Hey :)

    Lovely pics! I'm feeling a little sad that Halloween is over for another year again :( I dressed as a devil which isn't too original :P it was basic but I got to wear my new red peplum which was fun!


    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

    1. Hey! I'm sure that it looked adorable! I'd much rather a cute costume than a scary one! And yes! So much excitement to be done so quick!

  2. Gorgeous photos, I love having a look back over the times! I loved the last photo, it reminded me of when I was that age and I dressed up (well my mum dressed me up!) as a 1920's flapper girl for Halloween. Not very scary mind you haha. We were just made to be glamorous I think!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Yes! Looking back at old photos is my favorite! It was so much fun to go through these! And glamourous is always best! Scary costumes are for the birds (;

  3. I was a modern say scarecrow hehe! nothing totally creative really (:

    1. well seeing as I dressed up as nothing this year, you've beat me on the creative front! Bet it was cute too!

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