Thursday, November 7, 2013

October Favorites

Hello lovelies! 
This month, I didn't have very many favorites. I use the same things over and over, so pretty boring. BUT, there are a few things I absolutely loved this (last) month!


Glade Candles 
You've already seen these as I blogged about them when I bought them, but since then I've fallen in love with them! The pumpkin spice is my favorite because I really like spice based scents for fall, but if you like a sweeter version then salted caramel is for you. I really like burning them together (illegally in my dorm room, oops) because the combination is perfection! 

 Maybelline Falsies
Okay, I heard rumors and read reviews and finally caved. I have extremely long eyelashes normally, but with this magical stuff, they almost touch my eyebrow. I thought having the curved brush would be hard to use but once I got used to it, it's not a problem. This gives my eyelashes good volume and insane length, so long story short, I'm in love. 

Target Mallory Mocassins
On my sister Mallory's birthday my mom and I were at Target and we found these. I love loafers in general, but being that it was my sister's birthday and they had her name, we took that as a sign and got 3 pairs! They are so so comfy and I have worn them almost every day since! I wear them to class every day with jeans or leggings and they look preppy and put together but my feet never hurt after walking all day, so I'd defy recommend them! For only $25, they're a steal! 
Soap and Glory Body Butter 
I recently re-found this and I have a new found love for it. My arms and legs get dry in general, but especially now that winter is coming, I really need a good moisturizer. This stuff is thick but blends into skin so well and smells delicious! I put it on right before my bed and now my sheets sort of smell like it! I use it with the scrub of your life and the combination is heavenly! 
*wow, I just realized how many exclamations I use. Sorry, not sorry!*

Clinique Moisture Surge
I only have one word for this: amazing. It says gel-cream on the bottle and that's really the best way to describe it. It's very much more gel like than your average moisturizer, but it's not watery at all. I really hate when lotion just sits on top of your skin, but this one goes on my skin and immediately sinks in. When I wake up my skin feels silky smooth and not oily, which is probably my favorite part as I'm always scared that things will make my skin shiny and oily. It's light and it does it's job and that's everything I could ask for!

So that's it for my October favorites! I had such a great month sharing all sorts of things with you guys and look forward to many more! 

What were your favorites last month? Any good products you can recommend? 

All  my love, 


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  1. Oo those glade candles look great, I definitely need some more candles in my life!


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