Sunday, December 8, 2013

Black Friday Haul

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So I figured since it's been over a week since Black Friday I should probably show you all the lovely wonderful goodies I bought! Everyone talks about the craziness of BF but I didn't find it was very bad at all, however, I am quite a shopaholic and this is the video representation of how I felt all day. 

Target Boatneck Tees
These are the most comfortable shirts I have bought in a while. They are soo soft and while they are nicer than a tee shirt, they are much more comfortable than a nice dress shirt. I wear them all the time (I'm wearing the striped one now) and they go with everything. I now want one in every color. 

Target Bow Belt 
I don't ever really buy "cutesy" belts but when College Prepster posted a picture of this, I knew I had to have it. I thought it would be a bit tacky at first but when I saw it in the store I snatched it up. It's very dainty and thin so it's not gaudy at all. It's going to go great with my burgundy velvet skirt and a sweater. 
Target Sports Bra 
I practically live in spors bras so when I saw Target's cute patterns I stocked up. I mainly get gray, black, or white, so I took a walk on the wild side and got this patterned one too! (;
Elle Sweater
J.Crew made a sweater this year that looked very similar to this but I never really liked it online. I'm not all for the idea of bejeweling my clothing, so I never saw the need to buy it. I must say though, when I saw this on the mannequin, I changed my mind. I love the idea of winter white and with the little starry snowflake things, it's cute, classy, and festive! My favorite things!
Elle Coat
Okay, this picture doesn't even do this coat justice. It. Is. Perfect. I still walk around my house wearing it telling my mom I'm Olivia Pope. #dontjudge.
The color is called marshmallow which got me right there, but then it is so soft and cuddly and the poufy shoulders make it even better. It reminds me of the J.Crew cocoon coat and I just love it. Plus, I scored it for 50% off! 
Bath and Body Works Germ X
In all honesty, even though these are 5 for $5, I bought 7. I use these all the time and there's nothing better than good, holiday smelling germ-x that doesn't dry out your hands. I bought two candy cane bliss (my favorite), and then melting marshmallow, vanilla cupcake, iced gingerbread, pumpkin cupcake, and sugared vanilla wish. I've been making everyone smell them when I put a new one on and I keep all 7 in my purse at all times, yet I still can never seem to find one when I need it. Guess I need more? 
Southern Bell Volumizing Mousse
Can we jus discuss the packaging for a minute? Ah, I love it!
It's so crisp and clean and I swear that's what drew me in the most...until I saw the name. Then I was super duper sold. This smells a bit like men's cologne which I love, and no matter how much you put in your hair it doesn't make it greasy. It gives my hair such a good texture and definitely adds volume to my terribly fine hair. Such a good purchase. 
American Eagle Boxers
You may have seen these in my "Friday Five" post this week, but if not, let me just say again that I am SO glad I bought these. I definitely cannot sleep in pants, so I decided boxers would be a good option, and now I wear them all the time. They are comfier than Nike running shorts and the plaid is so cute. I wore them to the dining hall last night and got a few looks, but hey, it's finals week. Whatever it takes to survive right? 
The polka dots are going to be my non-holiday pair as they go with practically every tshirt I have and they actually fit me, whereas the plaid ones are oversized. I love them both. 

Did you go Black Friday shopping? What was your favorite purchase? 

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P.S. -  Lesson for next year : Buy other people's presents first before you spend all your money on yourself and end up in a real situation. #oops 

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