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Getting to know Sarah Smile...insight from the experts.

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I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I've written multiple posts and then deleted them because I felt like they were too serious or too personal for the time being. I don't what it is, I think it's just coming down off the crazy high of finals, but sending little questionnaires out to my friends and reading their answers was such a spirit lifter! I laughed so hard reading all of the answers and I truly am so blessed to call these people my best pals! These guys can tell you about me much better than I can, so enjoy Part 1 of "Getting to know Sarah Smile!"
First exchange we went to together and probably the most fun I've ever had out. More fun than anxiety = deff a win. 
I first "met" Allyce when we were waiting in line to go into a Chi O rush party. I could hear her loudly talking behind me with a mouth like a sailor. I remember thinking "Oh God, I hope this girl doesn't go Chi O"...and now I absolutely adore her! She is so spunky and confident and lets me be whoever I want to be without judgement! I've never met anyone who was so herself before and I'm so glad we both went Chi O! Allyce totally gets my obsession with everything British (in fact she encourages it because she's obsessed herself) and she totally matches my love for the royal family. She also randomly texts me about 1D and is going to their concert with me next year...what more could I want??
Here she is tangled in my hair before a Chi O event. #casual
How did we meet? I personally remember meeting you in the Chi O living room when I heard you mention something about One Direction. But, to be correct as to when you became aware of me, was during rush when I apparently was swearing like a sailor at the back of the line (which I still apologize for). 

How long have you known me? Me thinks i've known you for about a year and a half.

What is my best quality? Your absolutely radiant personality and sunny outlook on life is one of a vast amount of great qualities you possess. You're just an overall darling.  

What is my worst quality? You have a bad quality? 

What's the funniest memory we have together? My personal favorite was when we were at dinner at chi omega and someone asked me where Kate Middleton went to college and I yelled across the room to ask you and without missing a beat you responded "St. Andrews!". I thought it was funny because you were so casual about it.

If you had to describe me in 3 words, what would they be? Bright, smart and strong. 

What is my favorite thing to do? Watch One Direction do anything.

What is my least favorite thing? Not watching One Direction do anything. 

Do I have any weird quirks? Not that i'm aware of. Some, not me, but some may say your love of One Direction but that's totally not even a quirk for me, that's just a really strong devotion to something you love which I respect. 

Who is my favorite person in the world? harrystylesharrystylesharrystyles but mostly HARRY STYLES

Any extra info that you think is important? You inspire me to be a better a person every time I see you. I think you are the most strong, loving and warm person I have ever met. It's seriously my pleasure being friends with you. Also, you remind me of the color yellow. 
First picture of us not in a bar setting, with two of my other best Chi O lovelies! #suchgreatgirls

Loads of memories with Carol. As you can see, our good sides compliment each other as we always are in the same spots!
I've known Caroline since middle school. I didn't really know her know her, but I sat by her in P.E. In high school, about sophomore year, we had World History together and I said (this is a direct quote) that she was too "churchy" for me. I swear if anything is a lesson in not judging a book by it's cover, it'd be these two girlies! Carol is so fabulous and is always the picture of class (at least in public). We click so well and she is always encouraging and I never have to feel like I have to pretend to be something else around her, she's just awesome!
Don't we look adorable together? Goodness Gracianiess, beautiful for spacious skies. 

How did we meet? You sat in front of me in PE in the 6th grade and I got really excited when you changed schools because I got your spot.

How long have you known me? About 7 years I suppose!

What is my best quality? You send excellent snapchats...and your really good with giving me fab advice!

What is my worst quality? You screenshot my snapchats...

What's the funniest memory we have together? I don't really remember any specific ones but it's always amusing when we reflect on high school, haha

If you had to describe me in 3 words, what would they be? Lovely, Outspoken, and futureoliviapope

What is my favorite thing to do? Shop probably, or talk to me idk

What is my least favorite thing? Going to school an hour away from me, durr

Do I have any weird quirks? You pretty much only eat off of kids menus, Mac and cheese is a vegetable right?

Who is my favorite person in the world? Tough one...Harry Styles

Any extra info that you think is important? 
I love yew seauxxxx much! 
We once went around Cracker Barrel to find everything we'd need for my future husband's presidential inauguration...while on spring break. #perfectfriendship

D'awww...wasn't that just the most lovely thing ever? I swear, they were not bribed or coerced. General consensus: Everyone knows about my Harry Styles crush except Harry Styles. Gotta work on that. 
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  1. #1 mission when I get back to Hampstead: Get Harry Styles to know about aforementioned crush.
    xo Amy |

    1. I 100% support that! He's got about 6 months to get rid of this Hendall mess before I get there! (;

      xo, Sarah


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