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It will not come as a shock to you that I love setting goals. I am very competitive by nature and competing with myself is no exception. Even with little things like what time I will leave the house or how many pages I will read in 20 minutes, I like to set a goal and I will go a bit crazy to meet it. 
This past month, I set a goal to reach 4000 views. I know that seems small compared to other people, but to me, that's a big deal. I was so excited when I reached 3000 early on in the month, but when it got to Thanksgiving and I was a bit away, I was disappointed. I wasn't looking at how many lovely comments I had gotten or how many new followers had found my blog, I was looking at something surface and superficial. 
It turns out that in the middle of the night on November 30th, I hit 4000 so there was really no need for all my antics. 
 People often say "You win some, you lose some." When it comes to goals, I am going to try and start looking at it that way instead of "Perfection at all costs."
I enjoy writing posts and talking to other bloggers. I love when I read a blog post that helps me with something I've been struggling with or worrying about. My goals should consist of those things; finding blogs I love and writing posts that help people, not a million hits on a good for nothing post. Because even if no one ever reads a thing I say, it still makes me happy to write it all down. It's good to set a goal, especially when it gives you that extra motivation to do what you need to do, but when you let reaching that goal become your only motivation, that's a problem. Sometimes it's okay to do something just for the sake of doing it or miss one goal and hit an even better, slightly different one. So this month, I'm focusing on only good, productive goals! 

This month I'm focusing on commenting on every blog post that I really like and letting the blogger know I love it. It makes me so happy when I receive comments and emails saying those things and I want to share that happiness with other people. So often I love other people's posts but I don't say it, so that's goal #1. 

Secondly, I'm doing Blogmas...blogging everyday up until Christmas. I am excited to try and blog everyday, even if it's something small like this, just talking about something I struggle with. 

Goal #3 is trying to be more patient. Especially since I will be spending lots of time with my family. I get impatient with people and situations so easily and I let small molehills become mountains, so I want to focus on calming down and being more patient and understanding. It's the holidays, the best laid plans will always go awry, and I am going to try to be okay with that. 

Are you an avid goal setter? How do you handle not meeting your goals while still celebrating the progress you did make? 
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