Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hell for 20 points. What are...Finals?

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So today is Saturday, which means the this morning I had the last of my finals! Tomorrow you get to read all about finals and my tips on surviving them, but today, my brain needs a massive break. I have compiled a few scarily accurate gifs to give you a peak inside finals week in the funniest way possible. Because finals aren't funny. They're stressful and scary, and I need lots of laughs to recover. 
This usually occurs the weekend before finals start. 

Then you look over your notes deliriously while you try to decipher your gibberish. 

Once you translate your notes, its really go time. 
After you study productively like a responsible student for an hour you decide it's time to reward yourself. 
 After scrolling through tumblr and watching Netflix for hours, you're tired and exhausted. Of course you can't study now. 
You pull an all nighter to recover from the zero studying the day before and you end up walking around like a zombie until test time. 

You walk into the test and read the first question which was deff not on the study guide but you decide to make the best of it, you've got to remember something right? #educatedguessing 

You leave the test feeling totally over it and a little bit in shock.

You then wake up the next morning totally regretting your bad study habits and just know you've failed all of your finals, which really means you've failed at life.  

Your friends try to reassure you and tell you everything will be just need to relax.  You slowly start to come out of the post finals funk and realize that "C's get degrees." #yolo 

And suddenly, finals week is over, you did fine, and it's time to veg out and not do anything til next semester.  
Hope all of your finals went well and for those of you who didn't have to take them, I seriously envy you! In all honesty, mine weren't that bad, but let me just be a drama queen for at least a day okay? 
P.S. - The title of this post is a Jeopardy reference for those of you who really thought I'd gone insane for a bit. #promise
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