Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Guest Post


Just a quick little intro, I’m Ali from my blog, http://thecutelittlebeautyblog.wordpress.com and I’m here today on the lovely Sarah’s blog to do a helpful little post about what to get the female in your life whether it be your wife, sister, mom, or anyone. Also to make it a tad easier, I have divided the gift ideas into categories of 20 dollars and less gifts, 20-50 dollar gifts and 50+ gifts! Another little thing, every item mentioned will have links at the bottom of the post! Hope you enjoy and get some inspiration! Xx

Gifts for Her: 20$ & Under:

First off, a girl is not complete without nice hair and this hair oil will help her. This hair oil comes in a tiny vial, and is only 3$. It really nourishes the hair, softens, and smoothes it. Next, is this lovely makeup bag with a funky pattern. I definitely recommend getting one from Forever 21, they come in all sorts of designs! It would also be very cute if you filled the makeup bag with products! One thing you could possibly put in it is the all matte eyeshadow palette from Sonia Kashuk, a Target exclusive brand. This palette has many shades of neutrals, perfect for everyday. If you’re wanting to get her some clothing, I also am recommending Forever 21 for clothing, this cardigan shown is black and simple. I believe this is a safe bet to get if you don’t know her favorite designs because it’s a pretty full proof color and piece. If you know them well, a shirt with a pattern may suit them better. And lastly, I have included this sugar scrub from Bath & Body Works in the luxurious (and new!) scent “Amber Blush”.

Gifts for Her: 20-50$

Next up is gifts to get her that are between 20-50 dollars. First off, I have included a lovely necklace from the online jewelry store, Baublebar. Statement necklaces like the one shown above are very trendy but getting a more classic looking piece like this one will ensure the money put in is well spent!  When it comes to technology, if the lady in your life has either an Iphone or Samsung Galaxy S4 getting them a Wildflower case will be the perfect gift! They’re cases that have backgrounds of fun designs and studs on top. For only 35$ plus shipping, they’ll make the greatest “medium sized” gift for this holiday. Another item in the 20-50 dollar price range is one for the d├ęcor lover in your life. This diamond shaped glass terrarium is a great stunning piece. And, it can be opened and things put inside so you can fill it with holiday themed items, sentimental items, basically anything you can think of! And finally, I have included the “Chiaroscuro” a product from Michelle Fawn’s new makeup line, “Em Cosmetics”. This Chiaroscuro stick is a dual ended highlighting and contour stick. It comes in various shades depending on your skintone, so it matches your skin perfectly! 

Gifts for Her: 50$+

Lastly, I have some more expensive items for the girl in your life. First up, is the highly coveted Honey perfume from Marc Jacobs. The smell is lovely and doesn’t have any notes of sickening honey, just lovely and fresh. The bottle is also way too adorable! Next, I have a sweater that I just think is the cutest. It’s a hot pink fushia and has heart patches attached to the elbows of the sweater. I think it’s an awesome shirt! For the purse lovin’ lady I have this cute purse from Target, that is trendy and the perfect size. It has two ways to carry it, a pair handles and a strap. Also it’s a lovely burgundy color and has burgundy studs on the bottom. Overall, it’s way too awesome to pass up as a gift! And finally, I have this set of eye brushes from Sigma. These are very high quality brushes and are sure to swipe a smile (and eyeshadow) on her face.

Now that concludes my gift guide on what to get “her”! Thanks so much for reading and every item mentioned above has a link below on where to buy it. Thanks again for reading and please check out my blog, thecutelittlebeautyblog.wordpress.com/.

Xo, Ali aka The Cute Little Beauty Blogger

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Gift Links:

Gifts for Her: 20$ and under
Makeup Bag & Cardigan: http://canada.forever21.com/
Eyeshadow Palette: http://www.target.com/

Gifts for Her: 20-50$
Items From:

Gifts for Her: 50$+
Items from:

I hope you enjoyed that guest post and it gave you some great ideas! I know my mom is always so hard to buy for! 
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