Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Weekend Update

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Thanksgiving break was so refreshing. It came at just the perfect time and I feel like I am so ready to come back to school and tackle finals with a fresh, well rested mind! I'm trying a new way of doing the weekend updates (more pictures, less words!) so let me know if you like it!
Three words: Black Friday shopping. I took the first picture of the tree up in one of the outdoor boutique places that we went. We were having breakfast at about 8 but we had been shopping since about 4. The second picture is our car filled with shopping bags...and that's not even everything. 
The last two are pictures from the LUSH-tastic bath I took Friday night. It had been such a long day and the snow fairy wand thingy (so technical) was amazing. First off, it smelled like something Barbie would bathe in, and secondly, it made pink bubbles. 'Nuff said. 
Okay, having woken up at four the day before, I was ready to sleep until noon on Saturday...which I practically did. I read my required 2 chapter's of George Orwell's 1984 at about 10 then crashed again. When I woke up at noon I was starving and all I wanted was a burger from this awesome place in my hometown. Think bacon cheese burger with extra bacon. #sohealthy 
EEP! If you haven't guessed, we got our tree Saturday night! I am so picky about finding the perfect tree. It needs to be fat but still a good shape and have some sort of personality to it. Some of the trees still had snow in them and seeing that made me feel even more in the Christmas spirit! The first tree I picked was absolute perfection, but when I walked away for a bit to see the others, it was snatched by another family. I threw a minor hissy fit but then recovered and found another perfect one! Decoration pics coming soon!
Sunday morning was another lazy one. I mean, I'm home with no schedule and my bed is a giant marshmallow of happiness, why would I get out of it?? I caught up on all the blogs I had missed during the week and watched lots of lovely YouTube videos. The weather was amazing one I did finally climb out of bed though, so I ad to snap a picture down my driveway!
It was my stepbrother's birthday Saturday so we had lunch at my dad's on Sunday to celebrate. He wanted a healthy meal (he didn't even want, what?) so we had grilled chicken and salad. For dessert we had the most amazing fruit tart with homemade whipped creme, and ohmygod, amazing. The last picture is the many many holiday flavored germ-xs that I bought both on Black Friday and when I went back on Sunday. I already love germ-x and add holiday scents, you've completely reeled me in. I now have about 13 germ-xs in total, but hey, who's counting? 
How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you spend lots of time traveling or with family? 
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  1. Add to the list: Super picky about Christmas trees. I can't wait for the start of Christmas break so that I can go to our local Christmas tree farm!! It's a two-hour process to pick the right one when I'm involved.
    xo Amy |

    1. I totally understand! This list is turning into a novel! (:


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