Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Christmas Wishlist #1

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So if you read the title of this post you'll know it's Christmas wish list #1, which means one of many, because the amount of things I cannot narrow down is a tad ridiculous. I love getting presents, but I hate repeating over and over again what I want, so this list, with everything linked for convenience, will serve that purpose and maybe give you a few ideas for you or your friends. Here we go!

Can we just all say a collective "aahh!" for these. They make my heart sing, and skip a beat, and all those other things love makes you do. I've been wanting them since last year so they take the top spot. 

I've always loved the look of a polished leather bag and I first saw this on Amy's instagram. I blame her for the obsession that ensued. It just looks so classic and Nacy Drew-ish and I can't wait to wear it to class in England. Eek! Currently, I'm trying to decide between the oxblood and the light brown, but I will definitely get the 13" with "SSA" on it!

I never really liked Duck Boots until last year when I saw them on Sarah Vickers and Carly Heitlinger. I think they look so cute with leggings and tall socks and in Louisiana when it's hot, it is such a pain to have to wear tall rain boots. I think these would be perfectly practical to walk around campus in on a muggy day. I'm pretty sure I'd want the 6" ones (aren't those the tallest?), but I've never tried them on, so I'm guessing those would look fine!

I never bought either of the previous pallets because bronze and cool eyeshadows looks terrible on me. I was considering buying the basics pallet when I heard about this and oh. my. god. The rose toned colors are the stuff of my dreams. (Edit: I have already cracked and pre-ordered this one. #oops)
I've always wanted to be the girl who wore Chanel No.5 (cough cough, Blair Waldorf), but it smells like grandma to me. Vera Wang Princess is one I've wanted since like sophomore year when I smelled it on Caroline and honestly I spray hers on me every time I go over. I need dis. 

I personally would like to monogram also everything that touches my body, so this is an obvious one. I love the classy way it looks and every time I see someone wearing one I get jealous! 

See number 4. I already have a Lilly Pulitzer steering wheel cover so this is a must. 

I just need it. It's like getting Christmas every month! Surprise presents getting mailed to me once a month and some of them are full-sized, yes please! I feel like that'd be so exciting...and a good blog post idea every time I get one. 

9. Portable Charger.
I am constantly letting my phone battery run down and then right before I need to leave to go somewhere I freak out about how low of a percentage I have. I already have a car charger but I feel like this would be so nice to have handy whenever I need it. It would definitely lessen my anxiety about getting stranded somewhere with no way to call people!
10. Range Rover.
Do I need to explain? I've wanted one of these since forever and the hunter green (my favorite winter color) is precious! If I was a rich girl...
And yes, that is the Queen of England herself driving one.

11. Harry Styles. 
Quelle surprise! But really though, this needs less of an explanation than #9. I think I'd give up all the rest of my Christmas presents for Hazza, and maybe an appendage or two...just a thought. 

Do we want any of the same things? What is your number 1 this year?

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  1. I've literally just asked for one book, and that's it. Maybe I've got to the age that I don't feel the need to ask for things, I donno.

    1. I normally get to Christmas and can't think of anything but this year I've kept a list since about March! That way I have ideas and I don't buy it myself!

  2. I LOVE those boots! I can't wear tall ones like that though, I have tiny feet (I'm 5'6" and wear a size 6 1/2 shoe) and so the calves of the boots are too tight =( SO jealous!

    1. I have big feet and I still have problem! I'm hoping that the calf on these (17 inches) will be big enough! They're just so beautiful! Target has some really nice ones with wider calves though, if you're interested!

  3. Our lists definitely look very similar! I'm asking for duck boots, anything monogrammed and of course Harry haha. Your blog is adorable and I can't wait to read your future posts!

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