Thursday, December 5, 2013

My MAC Wishlist!

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So I'm not a huge eye shadow wearer. I have eye shadows but I'm not very good at applying it, so I'd consider myself more and an eyeshadow collector. However, lately I've been watching lots of YouTube tutorials and I feel like I'm ready to practice and perfect the craft of eye makeup! I've also been lusting after a few lipsticks as well, so I've included those too! 
You'll notice that for the most part they are all pretty neutral and that's because I'm a baby and I'm not much for experimenting when it comes to my face. #nothanks
Probably my favorite out of the bunch is Naked Lunch. It's very neutral but on the pinker side, which suits me perfectly. I think I could wear this one everyday with pretty much everything and not be too self conscious about it. A close second is Patina. Tanya Burr talks about and uses both of these all the time and they look amazing together! I love them both and they seem pretty easy to blend and wear. (Both in the middle)
In no particular order, I have Omega (which can be used for brows, top right), Wedge (top middle), and Mulch (bottom middle). They are all different shades of brown, which looks much better on me than black, and I like that Omega is matte while the other two are a bit shimmery. That's as much mixing-up as it gets for me. 
The bottom left is Cranberry. I think it's a really lovely fall color and I don't know how good I'd be at wearing this one, I love it in the pan! I think being that it's a pretty rosy color and not blue toned or coppery, I could pull it off on my skin tone...hopefully. 
The lipsticks are Ruby Woo (top left) and Cosmo (bottom right). Caroline bought Ruby Woo on Black Friday and I'm so jealous! I've heard it's a great shade for pretty much any skin tone and I've wanted a true red for the longest time! It's also said to be one of the few that actually make your teeth look whiter and not yellower, which most reds do. Cosmo is just a lighter pink for more casual days. I have a nude lipstick but not just a light pink and this one looks like such a pretty rosy one! 
Do you have any of these shades? Which makeup products are you lusting after right now? 

P.S. - Lily Pebbles just did a post on the different shades of red here and Tanya Burr talked about her MAC basics pallet which includes lots of these shades here
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