Monday, December 9, 2013

Week in the life #1

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Last week I did lots of things. I kind of feel like I was a bit all over the place doing everything but studying for finals, but I got to spend some extra time with my family and friends and it was so worth the cramming I'm doing now. Without further adieu, this is what last week looked like for my life! 
 Tuesday night was the Chancellor's late night breakfast. When we walked in there was a bar chock full of marshmallow's, whipped creme, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, peppermint pieces, you name it! The left is what my plate looked like before I found the toppings bar and the right is after (and after I had already eaten one stick!). The middle is just me being silly because I used my Southern Belle volumizing mousse, which I am now obsessed with, and my hair was so soft and flippy. It was a "snap chat everyone" moment. 

Wednesday night was the annual Christmas tree lighting in my hometown. I didn't get to go last year and next year I'll be in England, so I made the drive home and staying for the night! My French exam the next morning didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped, but I got to see my adorable cousins for the first time in a while! The squirrel cup is my roommate's but I think it's just the cutest thing! She let me make hot chocolate in it and I swear it tastes better coming from a cute cup! 

This is how Santa came in to greet the kids and give them presents! Elves were inside the truck and everything! Wish I could've gotten closer up but you get the idea! #smalltownpleasures

 So Saturday was supposed to be a study day but I stayed the night at Katie's, and then woke up the next morning and watched Harry Potter. After the movie we were both starving (it was noon), so we decided to "quickly" run out to get lunch. After lunch we decide we want chocolate and the only candy store is in the mall, so four hours later (after eating and shopping galore) I finally made it home and cracked open the books! These are some shots of the mall decorations, our Lush store (SO excited that I just realized we have one, it's a bath lovers dream), and me pretending to be the kid from "A Christmas Story." 
A few of my favorite snaps are of the cookies I made at Katie's, spending the morning at Katie's watching Harry Potter all cozy in bed, the One Direction blanket my grandmother gave me that has now taken over my bed, and One Direction on SNL Saturday night...1D + Paul Rudd = my dreams come true. #bestthingever 

What did you do last week? Did you get up to anything especially fun? 

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  1. I LOVE LUSH! <333 I remember way back when they only had it in Canada and when I moved to the US it seemed to follow me lol

    xo Jocelyn -

    1. I'm seriously obsessed! In true Sarah fashion I ordered online without checking locations, but everything I ordered smells delicious, so no harm done! So glad I live 5 minutes away from one!
      xo, Sarah

  2. That looks such a fun week! We celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary last week although saving our meal out for this week!

    1. It definitely was, but I'd say a 2nd wedding anniversary tops it! So sweet! #someday

      xo, Sarah


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