Monday, December 16, 2013

Week in the life #2

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This week has been very busy. Of course, by now, you know that I've finished this semester and taken all my finals! I'm so glad to be home and have a month off! It hasn't hit me that I don't have to study for a test or do a homework for a while, but I'm planning to get lots done around my house this week (while never changing out of my pjs) so hopefully it'll sink in soon! 
 This is pretty much what my finals looked like. I know they say you shouldn't study in bed, but I actually love it. I can be comfy and warm and get things done all at once. Perfection. Katie and I took a Coldstone ice cream break during the week and I mixed marshmallow and chocolate with Oreos...SO good. My sister Hannah was super supportive and had some strict advice for me to get back to studying. And then on Saturday I found this pretty tree and thought I'd take a picture to show you guys! That's as much "fall color" as we're getting here.

VS Fashion show happened and it was a blast. I went to this party thing Victoria's Secret threw and got some awesome goodies! Tons of girls were there and it was so much fun! I know there's all sorts of controversy around it and everyone has differing opinions, but I really love watching it for what it is, a good show! Such pretty people and undies! Also, these spray painted things are literally everywhere on campus. I feel a bit like there's a secret society somewhere and I haven't been invited. 

On Saturday night, my family and I went to New Orleans for the football state championships. My old highschool (where Hannah goes now) was playing and won! It was fun to go (and I love Nola), but running into people I really didn't want to see from highschool was a bit of a buzzkill! The hotel we satyed in was beautiful and had such pretty decorations and room service in the morning made me feel like a princess! I'm a sucker for revolving doors, christmas decorations, comfy beds, valet, and room service. On the way home we stopped at Phil's Grill, my absolute favorite burger place in the world, and it was so much fun! 
I spent Sunday driving home and shopping with my dad for Christmas presents...and also teaching him how Siri works (we ended up talking to her for about an hour)! 
After a final Saturday morning, moving my stuff out of my dorm to come home, going to Nola, and an action packed Sunday, I'm ready for a day to relax and decompress from finals!
How was your weekend? Do anything fun? 
P.S. - I decorated my bed Sunday night with white Christmas lights and I'm obsessed with it! I love the glowy-ness! 
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