Monday, December 23, 2013

Week in the Life #3

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This week has been pretty boring. It was my first week home and I spent the majority of it waking up late, catching up on missed blog posts and YouTube vids, and just generally have lazy days. It's been so good to have "resting" time, but alas, I got a bit bored, so now all my cousins are in for Christmas and I'm ready to embrace the crazy! 
My Lush bath! I used the Cinders bath bomb and it was amazing! It smelled sweet and a bit citrus-y to me, but also with a hint of like spruce or something? I'm not very good at defining scents but I can say it was awesome and the popping candy made it even cooler! It was my first true Lush bath and OMG, so worth it! 
Is this not the worst collage you've ever seen? #soz
If you've ever wondered if putting ice cream in hot chocolate is a good idea, I have the answer...yes. This week I let my bezzies Caroline and Allyce take center stage to tell you a few funny things about me and I also went on a totally unnecessary Target haul. So worth it though. I also wrote a post on my feelings about sex and religion and all those things people are afraid to discuss. I was a bit ton worried to post it at first, but am so glad and proud that I did. It felt really nice to say how I felt and actually post it. 
 This week I went to Coffee Depot (a small coffee shop in my hometown where I also work when I'm home) about 7 times. On Wednesday they had their Christmas party for the whole town where local people and the 4th grade class from the Catholic school sang carols and they also served dinner. It was so much fun! Oh, and Mrs. Clause also told stories...trĂ©s cool! I worked there on Saturday and Sunday mornings and then I went to the employee Christmas party on Sunday night. Caroline and I both work there so here are a few pics of us! 
Also, it's a tradition that they put out a whole Christmas village along with a toy train during the holiday season. People get obsessed with it and I totally see why. The village is massive (I'm talking like 15 little buildings) with street lights, benches, trees, people, animals, the whole shebang, and I totally wish I could shrink myself and live there! 
I finished the weekend off at my grandmother's eating dinner and having good talks with my family. All in all, a very rewarding and relaxing week! 

How was your week? Are you ready for Christmas? #only2days
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  1. I have tried ice cream in coffee but never ice cream in hot chocolate... brb while I go try it!

  2. Sarah you have the most beautiful skin!! I mean, you're altogether gorgeous, but your skin-- DANG!

    hope you had a great Christmas,

    1. oh thank you!! I am very meticulous (mostly) about washing my face and what goes on it! lol

      xo, Sarah


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