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Year in the Life : 2013

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Today is the last day of 2013. Wow. I can't even believe that another year has flown by, but here's a pint sized look at what this year has looked like for me. 
In January I switched my major from Biology to Political Science…probably the best school related decision I've made in a while. I also had tons of stuff for Mardi Gras because I was a maid (princess) for a Mardi Gras crew! 

Caroline, Me, and Katie before the ball! #merica
the coolest picture ever of me being presented amidst tons of confetti 
This is y proof that I was born to be a princess. 
Not much happened for me in February. I just enjoyed being back and school and actually loving my classes for once. In February I got my job as a page (which I started in May) and was so so excited! 

I'm pretty sure March was pretty dull as well. I had a major crush on this boy, who I still think is amazing to the day (lolz) and literally could not make myself talk to him. Cue anxiety. Butttt, it was also crawfish season + practically the best time of year. 
quite possibly my fav pic of me and carol ever…and we take pretty good pics together 
Still not talking to Mr. wOnderful, still loving my classes, still trying to find interesting things to do to cure my boredom at school. 

School ended and my paging job started at the capitol. I seriously loved it so much and can't wait to go back in 2014! Changing to Political Science was such a good switch for me and finding out just how much I loved working with politics only cemented that as a good decision in my mind. Btw, I finally talked to Mr. Wonderful, and it was great, but no one is ever as cool as you think they are (looking at you, Mr. Styles)…moral of the story - don't sell yourself short and give yourself anxiety about talking to cute boys. 
Me with the Governor of Louisiana! (who I hate..but it's still cool, right?)

the ceiling in the House of Reps Chamber 
Came home for summer and enjoyed lazing around by the pool. My dad got married in June and that brought lots of issues and new adjustments, but I'm glad to say that now things are alright. Step moms aren't always monsters. 
me with my dad and Hannah at the wedding 
July was practically holiday all month long. I was in Florida for about two weeks and it was amazing. Since Hannah and I are older now, we can go see cooler things like The Amelia Island History Museum and ride bikes around the island instead of only playing at the beach. So much more fun. July also brought the year anniversary of Mal's passing and it was so strange. It was nice to be able to go back to the place where we released her ashes, but strange to think it'd been a year without her. Grief is weird. My Kate Middleton obsession reached fever pitch and Prince George was born! So monumental! I also started talking to Amy while I was in Florida, which was such a blessing and a major part of why I soon started Sarah Smile! July was a really great month this time around.
having fun at the Amelia Island History Museum. I swear, it's so cool! 
the best announcement ever. 
Unfortunately, school started again and I had to be there two weeks early for sorority rush. It was a blast. This was my first semester taking virtually all poli sci classes and I just loved it. Apparently, I am really excellent at public policy. 
my room on move in day
MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, biatches. I literally took a whole month to celebrate my birthday, but I especially loved my Kate Middleton-esqe celebrations as well as my weekend in New Orleans. I shopped way to much…per usual. I also started Sarah Smile! Such a blessed month! This is also when my major One Direction crush hit. I saw This is Us and it was all own hill from there..in the best possible way. #futuremrsstyles

Football season was in full swing! I didn't do much of anything but try to get the hang of blogging and keep school under control. Also, Mal's 25th birthday was on the 12th, so again, another weird day.  

November was pretty awesome! I went to Memphis for Hannah's one year check-up at St. Jude's and got Sarah Smile redesigned! It was a month of milestones (I think I hit 50 BL followers then too) and I really loved feeling like I was actually becoming good at blogging! 

CHRISTMAS! I did Blogmas, which I seriously loved (Thanks Amy), and just basically threw myself into the Christmas spirit. I had so much fun with my family and had lots of lovely lazy days! I also joined Southern Blog Society and started talking to Amy, Jocelyn, and McKenna on a practically everyday basis..more milestones I'm so happy about! 

How was your 2013? What are this year's highlights for you?
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