Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Be Happy in THIS Moment

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Do you ever get in to those funks when you just spend lots of time wishing your life was different? Lately, I've noticed, because my mom called attention to it, that I say multiple times a day "I wish my life was like that" or "They must have had so much more fun than we do now." Literally, I watch a movie about the 50s and I'll say how I wish I lived then, or the 70s, or the early 1900s. I realized that I spend so much time thinking about how much fun it would've been to live back then, but no matter how much I wish it, I will never be able to time travel back and try it out, and I'm sure they had problems of their own, anyway. I live in the 2000s and that's not changing. 
Maybe it's just me, but I have this sneaky feeling that some of you have felt this way. I think we are all looking for that thing that will change our lives and make us who we think we are supposed to be. I wish that I was vintage and hipster cool, but that will never be me. I wish that I had less anxiety and just went out and did things spur of the moment and went to crazy parties that I could tell my kids about, but I know that that option is always out there, if I decide that that's for me. In the end, maybe what makes us who we are is all the day to day awesome things we do that we think no one else appreciates. Maybe this thing we're all looking for doesn't really exist. Maybe what makes me awesome is my totally mixed taste in music or my dry wit, or the way that I always have a plan, a back up plan, and everything one may ever need in case of emergency.  
I think the main thing that seems so appealing to me is the carefree way people back then were portrayed…but apparently, the 70s and 80s weren't all one big laid back party (I know, they've lied to us all). I am the biggest hypocrite when it comes to appreciating every moment because really my whole life I've been waiting for my exciting, glamourous life to start. I remember watching my older sister and thinking when I turn 16 my life will be great…and then when I start college…and now when I get to England. But really, this is my life. And if I'm honest, I have it a lot better than a lot of people, and I need to start appreciating that. 
I spend so much of my time wishing that this year would move faster so I can get to England already, but I need to realize that I rushed high school to hurry and get to LSU. And now I'm at LSU and I really want to start having fun with that and cherishing this time because I'm sure that when I graduate, I'll want it back, much like I do with high school. 
I can't wait to start traveling and seeing the world and being spontaneous and actually do something crazy for once, but right now, I need to appreciate that this is the groundwork that will lead me there, and I can have fun with this part too. Life can't always be an exciting ball of fun, because then would you really appreciate it? 
I absolutely cannot wait to get to England and see and do lots of fun things, but until then, I am going to try and appreciate and take notice of all the great, fun things I can do at LSU. School starts Wednesday and I'm considering this my first homework assignment. #appreciation
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