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Complexion Complex : My Skincare Routine

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The second post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge is all about skincare. When I heard the topic, I was a bit nervous at first, but now I'm so excited to share my routine and some of my favorite products with you, as I realized I use way more than I ever thought! 
I get compliments on my skin a lot now that I'm older. I never had a serious acne problem when I was younger, but I had the occasional forehead and chin issues because who really knows how to wash their face and wear makeup properly in middle school? Not me, that's for sure. Now that I've got the concept of concealer and blush under control, I'm actually quite a fan of my so called porcelain complexion. Here are the things I religiously stick to and find most important! 

I know, I know. Water is boring and everyone hates it. I'd so much rather be drinking coke, but the amount of good things water does for your skin (not to mention the rest of your body as well) is unbelievable. If you'd buy tons of products to get clearer, brighter skin, why not start with the thing that's easiest, healthiest, and free? 100% without a doubt, the more water I drink the better my skin is. It becomes all bright and dewy, I have noticeably less red spots and dark circles, and it's much more moisturized but not oily. It's boring, but so beneficial. 

Face Wash 
Seriously, do I need to even explain why this is an absolute must? Think of all the harsh chemicals in the air that you walk around in all day. Then think about the makeup that you put on your face that mixes with all that. Then think about sweat and oil that collects on your face during the day. Do you really want all that yuck staying on your face while you sleep? No ma'am! I'm a big fan of exfoliating cleansers, but I think the most important thing is no harsh chemicals or weird smells that can irritate your skin. 
This stuff smells great. I've used the orange and green versions and loved them both. It's very inexpensive but definitely leaves my skin feeling lighter and cleaner with no waxy coating or tight skin feeling. It exfoliates enough to get off dirt and dry skin, but not enough to irritate your skin, so I'd recommend it for sensitive skin as well as every other type. 

Okay, if I'm being honest, you could probably sell me a camel if you told me camel's milk would give me small pores, so this was a bit of an impulse purchase. Again, it does the job and exfoliates very well without being too harsh, but no magic on the pore front. Although, I thought baby freckles on my nose were big pores and tried to scrub them off for the longest time, so, I'm not exactly the pore expert. 

Make up
After drinking water and washing your face, what you put on it is pretty important. You can wash your face 7 times a day (not a good idea, I don't reccomend that), but if you're clogging your pores up with cakey makeup, then you're going to have issues. I try very hard to pick makeup that is effective and long lasting, but not full of harsh chemicals.
I adore this stuff. It's a bit on the expensive side at around $35, but it has no harsh chemicals, goes on like a light second skin, stays on all day, and makes my face look so bright. I just love the lightness of it  because it's a pretty good light-medium coverage. 

This is what I use right now and I'm pretty happy with it. It does't feel heavy on my face and doesn't make my face oily either. Because I was blessed with naturally pretty good skin, I don't think this is a magical product sent from heaven as it acts pretty much like any other drugstore foundation, but I do like the way my skin looks, so I guess that's what counts. Side note: This can be very drying if you don't moisturize regularly. I wouldn't reccomend it for dry skin. 
This is the foundation I'm wearing in the silly pictures in the header. I really liked the way it looked on my skin, but again, it didn't do any magical things any more than any other foundation. I wore the lightest color until even that got a bit too dark for my winter skin, so now I'm saving it for the summer. 
This primer is great for sensitive skin as it didn't irritate mine at all, but as far as redness goes, I didn't see that much of a difference. I liked how my makeup sat on top of it and the lasting power it added to my foundation. Only tip - let it dry for about 5 minutes before applying foundation to avoid looking cakey. 

I am really enjoying this stuff right now. Even though the 3-in-1 foundation is said to have primer in it (and looks fine without an extra primer), I like it just to smooth my skin and add lasting power. I love silicone based primers and this one is great for the price. It makes my skin feel super smooth once it's all rubbed in and it looks pretty smooth too! 

Oh moisturizer…so many things I wish I had known in middle school. I used to think that because my skin was oily, I couldn't put lotion on it - not the case! When skin is deprived of moisture it will either dry out and start cracking or it will produce extra to compensate. I used to put salicylic acid on my skin to dry it out and that made it even worse. Now, I religiously moisturize every night and I can't go without it and my skin is so much better for it. 
Out of all the products I've tried lately, this has to be my favorite. I've definitely noticed that my skin without makeup is a lot more even and less red/blotchy when I wake up and my dark circles are much less noticeable. I even love the way this smells and it doesn't sit on your skin and make it feel waxy. It soaks right in and you wake up with soft, even toned skin! 

This is an amazing moisturizer for the summer time (or all year around if you have oilier skin). It's very gentle and great for my sensitive skin, but I love to throw it on on summer mornings when I need a bit of moisture and SPF. It's a bit lighter than the Ponds (as I don't need to much moisture during the summer months), but it soaks in just as nicely and doesn't affect my skin breakout wise! 

Face Masks
I absolutely love putting on a good face mask after a stressful day. There are so many kinds and flavors (?) that it can be hard to decide, but I'm seriously loving my current one. It's nice to give your skin a boost every now and then and it's so easy now a days to find one that fits your skin and has exactly what you need. 
This tea tree mask is the stuff of my dreams. I used to use those $2 ones from Walmart for fun but I love tea tree oil in my hair so I thought I'd give this a go. Peppermint is so calming not only for your skin, but also for your mood. It doesn't harden, which dries out your skin, but it leaves it looking brighter and feeling softer (and super cool and a bit tingly) - win win. It's about $10 for a little pot, but I've used it about 4 times and haven't even made a dent, so I think this will last me a while. 

My Daily Routine:
Wake up
Live life (;
Wash my face
Use toner on my problem spots
Put on a mask about once a week

What are your must have skin care products? What is your daily skincare routine like? 
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P.S. - Aren't those header photos oh so professional and grown up? I thought so. #duckfaceselfies 


  1. So professional hehe, really great post! Always like to know what works for others. Your lucky to have such great skin, i have pesky large pores. Very helpful

  2. Sarah omg these pictures!! Hahahaha I love youuu!

  3. Some really good tips, I love tea tree for so many things, its like a heal all!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  4. Hey Sarah,
    really enjoyed reading your post- thanks for the great tips :D
    the green and blue primer- how much is it? Also, isn't it a bit of a con considering how much air is in the tube?

    1. Thanks Sammie! The primer is about $11, which I'd consider pretty pricey for drugstore, but I think it's worth it! The green cancels out redness and the purple is to help brighten. It looks like it has lots of air but I've been using it for almost a month and have hardly made a dent, so I think it's a bit of an illusion! (:

      xo, Sarah

  5. Your skin looks great in the photos!
    My must-have product is mandelic acid toner and peels. It's made a huge difference!

    1. Thank you! I've never heard of that but I'll definitely check it out!

      xo, Sarah

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