Thursday, January 9, 2014

Famous People

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I often wonder what makes famous people famous. Is it really because they have talent? Or is it because they have some mixture of good looks, charm, and a hint of talent? Now we all know that I have a thing for Harry Styles. I am probably one of the worst because he could literally make a CD of him sneezing and I'd buy a few copies. I know, it's terrible, but why do we do these things, as a general public, I mean? 
When I see someone who is seriously talented in some area, I automatically expect that they must be perfect and size two and beautiful at the crack of dawn because that's what's sold to us, but what about that makes them anymore talented than the size 14 with a wonderful voice and the maybe not-so-great face? Why is it that the size 2 will 9 times out of 10 become more famous than the size 14? And why do those things even matter anyway? 
Whenever these issues come up, people always blame advertisers, but to me, it is us, the general public, who cause the problem, because we buy the product. Yes, I see that the media constantly throws their idea of perfection at us, but we buy it. If we refused to buy 100s of dollars worth of makeup, clothes, and accessories, then they'd be out of business. And if we blindly supported the talented people regardless of how much they suck up to us or how they look, we'd have actual talent running Hollywood, instead of these personality-less bimbos famous for nothing…sorry, Kardashians. 
Personally, my biggest issue with the whole thing is this…what is so appealing about being famous? Yes, from the outside, it seems great. As you all know I have a shopping problem and I'd love the funds to fund all of my excursions, but at what cost? Never in my life do I want people scheduling every second of my day or people judging every move I make and every outfit I wear, because sometimes I look like a hot mess, quelle surprise. Yes, it seems like it would be cool to be invited to all these cool parties and always be doing exciting things and going awesome places, but the reality of it scares me. I know that just run of the mill college parties can get a bit illegal, drug and alcohol wise, so I don't even want to imagine celebrity parties, phew. To me, it seems like a pit that's super easy to fall into and almost impossible to crawl out of. Every minute becomes a competition to be prettier, better, and more famous than basically every other human on the planet and personally, I don't think that's what life is about. 
On top of that, what makes a person blessed with a good voice or great acting skills better than someone blessed with a wonderful knack for teaching, other than the fact that one can make you famous while the other can't? In the end, they're just people who have different talents than the majority of us and the world happened to decide that their talents are entertaining and fame-worthy. That doesn't make them kinder, smarter, or better in any sort of way that matters.  
This all started because I read an article about the 27 Club. It's very interesting to me because you would've thought these musicians and things would've been so happy and at the top of the world with everything they could've ever wanted - success, fame, money, etc - but yet they all died/killed themselves at 27. That scares me and makes me worry about all the famous people that I happen to be very fond of. Because in the end, they're just people. They mess up and get lost and confused just like us. I'm willing to bet that Harry Styles is trying to figure out who he is just as much as all of us. 

So please, next time you want to tear apart someone that happened to have a not so great shot of them taken by the paparazzi or the next time you wish you were rich and famous, think about that fact that even the most rich and famous are rarely ever satisfied and truly happy. Maybe the things that we're meant to wish for are the things money and fame can't buy, like love, family, and friends. Just a thought. 
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P.S. - I am not hating on all the talented people who have worked hard to be where they are, at all. I'm just stating some of my thoughts on fame and what makes people famous. 'tis all. 


  1. I don't even know who Harry Styles is ... I just don't have a clue when it comes to D list celebrities and don't really care to either!

    1. Sorry to break it to you Rachael, but Harry Styles is one if the most talked about A list celebrities in the media. That's awkward. Kisses.


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