Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five

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1// Tyler Oakley's Life Advice
I literally laughed most of the way through this and have been showing it to everyone all week. He is so sassy and I love his facial expressions. Katie and I quote it all the time now and I just love it. 

2// Kate Beckinsale's Pearl Harbor Lipstick
Last week I watched Pearl Harbor 3 times in 3 days. Kate Beckinsale is already gorgeous but I think she looks so beautiful when she has more natural makeup like this on. That lipstick is so vintage and I'm obsessed, but I can't really justify buying it as I have two reds already and never wear those…oops. 

3// Like to Know It 
This little invention has revolutionized the way I use instagram. I mean, that's a bit dramatic but I seriously love it. I hate when you love what someone's wearing and they don't tell you where it's from, so this makes my day. All you have to do is register and then like a photo and it sends you a nifty little email with everything that person listed. So amazing. 

4// 8tracks
As, usual, I found this where I find so many other things, on Amy's blog (see her post here). You can find so many neat mixes, as well as make your own, and I've already discovered and rediscovered so many cool bands. I've gotten so obsessed I even got the app. Again, amazing. Here's a link to my profile is you just must know what I've been loving. Thanks to Shalini Naidu for tweeting me an awesome playlist of acoustic One Direction songs - I am absolutely loving it! 

5// My Real Self 
Carly (The College Prepster)'s post is absolutely amazing. I think so often bloggers lives look much more awesome than they really are because, for the most part, you're going to blog about the good stuff. You can't always post the day to day stresses and let downs because that's just depressing. I've been reading her blog for almost 3 years now and she makes me love her more and more all the time. Her post is a great one to read if you have a minute, and inspired by her, I posted some of my own #realselfies. It's very rare that I let a picture be taken when I have no makeup on, so these were a bit hard to find, but this is what I look like with no makeup. Sadly, very similar to what I look like with it, just a bit less bright. (; Same shirt, months apart. 

What have you been loving this week? 
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