Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Five

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Wow, this week has been a bit of a crazy one. I'm just starting to settle into this semester's routine, but none of my books have arrived so I am stuck with all this free time I know I won't have next week (totally not complaining, I just wish I could get a head start). I totally jipped you guys and didn't post a "Week in the Life" on Monday, but I'm going to add the highlights to next week's update. As far as anxiety and stress goes, after sitting down and coming up with a few solid ways to handle anxiety, I feel like I've gotten a much better hold on it for the time being! Anyways, these are the things I've found so amazing this week, enjoy! 

1// Amy's post on Sonder 
Literally everything Amy does is cool. Sometimes she posts things and I'm just like, HOW ARE YOU SO COOL AND AWESOME? When I read this post it mediately hit home with me and I literally book marked it to show everyone. When I was little I used to sit on the play ground and watch all the cars go by and wonder what people were doing and make up little lives for them. It always amazed me how many people there were in the world and how they each have their own little life that is just like mine but completely different as well. It still amazes me to this day that across the globe people are waking up every morning and doing the same things I do, but in such far away places and wow, it's overwhelming. I highly recommend you go check it out! 
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2// Gold Foil Prints
So as you guys know, for no particular reason, my life has been a bit wobbly lately. I am generally a very happy go lucky person who doesn't dwell on little things, but as of late it's been a bit harder than usual and I've need some serious inspiration. I love quotes and I love gold…enter gold foil prints. I really love this one, but as one print is $22, I may just customize some on Etsy and put them in my room at home! 

3// Keep Calm and Blog On
Oh you guys, I have stumbled upon yet another bloggy soulmate. Her blog is pink, and girly, and dainty, and perfect…she is obsessed with anything and everything British…and she has traveled to all of my favorite places. I am just in total, full on crush mode right now. I can't even…

4// Whistle and a Light 
This is the song on the Miranda Kerr Shop Style commercial and I just love it. It's very lively and upbeat which I think is perfect for these dull winter days. 

5// TSM Article
This article is called "Quit Crying Rape" and is obviously about a controversial and touchy subject, but I really enjoyed reading it. I think our culture has definitely made it okay for a girl to regret her decision and claim that she was raped and then the man in the situation is immediately given no chance to explain or plead his case. We are so accustomed to automatically assuming that girls are victims while men are predators and see it as so open and shut, but sometimes the fault can be split evenly down the middle. Girls who claim rape when in actuality they just made a bad choice royally screw up the girls who are actually forced against their will and/or are violently attacked by making light of a situation and turning something very serious into a way to cover their tracks. 

What have you been loving this week? 
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  1. I love your #5 post, it really is a touchy subject but I wholeheartedly agree with what you said. A girl regrets a one night stand and is embarrassed, so she calls it rape and ruins some guys life. I'm not saying this is always the case, unfortunately some girls are 100% the victim, and it can happen to guys too. But in cases where there really is equal blame, the man comes off much worse & the girl is only seen as the victim. It shouldn't be that way.

  2. I'm sorry but I somewhat disagree with #5, there may be causes when that has happened but false rape accusations are really, really rare.


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