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My Dorm Room

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I figured since it's the end of January and I've been in this dorm room since August, it's about time I share my real life space with you! I've been very fortunate this year to be able to live in a newer, bigger dorm this year, and I really love it. It's smack in the center of campus right between the union and the bookstore and has a connected bathroom, which has greatly improved my dorm experience! 
This is my closet! I have a chest of drawers this year, which you'll see later, but that gives me so much more room in here! I have a divider in so I can hang my shorts and skirts separately (which is a huge space saver). At the top I have a small shelf so I store my towels and blankets there (and my yoga mat because I'm just so sporty #neverbeenused), saving space in my drawers, which is where I kept them last year. My favorite thing about my closet divider is all the cheeky things it can hide, shhh! 
I have a love hate relationship with my desk. It comes in two parts and I used one as a night stand since it wouldn't fit in this little nook by the window. It is constantly becoming cluttered which distracts me, so I try to clean it off at least once a week, which makes me much more productive! Stacking = wonderful. I stack my pens and notepads on top of my agenda and push all the small things like my candles and germ X to the very back! Biggest tip? Get a lamp…with a shade. My florescent lamp that shined right in my face last year about killed me. Btw, my dad totally got me that Queen paperweight when I moved in last  year…is that not the cutest? 
As I'm sure you've heard, storage and space management can be a bit of a problem in a dorm. To solve this a bit, I've stashed everything under my bed! Last year, I lofted my bed and had my desk under there, but I like this way much better. I have my fridge, drawers, food box (snacks and groceries), medicine/first aid box, extra pillow, weekender, and laundry stashed under there. It's nice to stack textbooks on top of my fridge and my drawers as it saves space on my desk but is easy to reach! 
My other snacks as well as study supplies are kept in those drawers on my window sill. I keep pencil cases and notecards in some drawers and then in others I have snacks, granola bars, and crystal lift packages. The drawers are also great to put my TV on. It's the perfect height to watch from my bed! I also keep my (illegal) candles and toaster on my window sill and my absolute favorite part is that when I need to, I can pull the curtain and hide all of it! 
Oh, my bathroom. So, a few months ago when I originally planned to post this, I cleaned so you guys could see my vanity and sink area. I took a super clean pic showing all the things I used to have up there, but as you can see on the right, products have taken over. At least we've got lots of space, right?? 
My bed! This is my favorite part of my whole room. I love how I have it situated and decorated this year and how it's tucked away in a corner so you can't see me when you first come in the door! The letters are hand painted that I got from my big and the canvas above my bed was a DIY project using my sorority colors and motto. My pictures are hanging on my "owl line," yet another sorority reference of course! I really tried to incorporate loads of pictures and things from home as I got really home sick and went home lots last year, and am trying to do that less now (to prepare for England, as that'll be major homesickness)! 
So this is my makeshift nightstand! It holds my cork board, my air cleaner/noise maker, and odds and ends like paper towels, plates and silverware, ziplocs, and other things! It has drawers on one side so I just face that away from my bed and it comes in very handy for storing stuff! My favorite part, again, is my cork board because of all my pictures, keepsakes, and quotes! Gotta love Machiavelli! (; 
If you want to see what my cork board at home looks like (it's much cooler), click here
Last of all, my bathroom. It's pretty standard and simple with a shower and toilet. My roommate and I used a shower caddy to save space and I really like it…and yes, we've filled that up as well. #producttakeover 
Overall best tips? 
Utilize your space in the best way possible. Buy shelves that stack vertically, not horizontally. Fold your clothes so more fits in the drawer. Use things for multiple purposes, not just to old one specific thing. 
Personalize your room with things from home and things from college. Command strips are your best friends. Get lots of photos printed and just paste them everywhere, in frames or on cork boards. Get a canvas and paint something on it. Make it yours. 
Clean. I know, no one likes it, but clutter will absolutely KILL your study habits. You can't focus when there are snack wrappers and a million pens everywhere on your desk and you especially can't focus when your room smells of month old food. #horrid #guilty 

What are your dorm room tips/experiences?   photo sarah-sig_zps54eac73d.jpg

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