Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Room Tour Pt.1

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So, as you guys know (because I say it about a million times a week), I love knwoing everyone else's business. Not because I'm a bad kind of nosy, but because I just like knowing about other people's lives! I find it very interesting. Sooo, I thought while I'm home for the holidays I could give you little glimpses into my room! I think it'll be pretty cool, but it'll also encourage me to actually clean.
The first little glimpse is of my vanity! 
As you can see I have TONS of stuff on it and that little drawer is chockablock full of bits and bobs that I don't use everyday! 
My favorite part of my vanity is my mirror. I'm a huge advocate for positive thinking and affirmations, and a few years ago, I heard a speech where a man talked about his "mantra", which was "Find A Way." At this point in my life, I was a junior in high school and just going through a lot of different things in life. I knew that I wanted to go to LSU and be in a sorority, but I also knew that was very expensive and my parents were totally not on board for that. That mantra stuck with me and when I got home I knew I wanted to write it out somewhere where I would see it everyday and constantly be reminded to not let anything stop me from reaching my goals! I got home and had this idea! I sat down with a pen and paper and thought of other short phrases that I'd like to add as well and then cut tons of letters and cute flowers out of magazines. In the end, I ended up putting "Find a Way", "Carpe Diem", Be The Change", and "Live". I also saw "Color the Rainbow" in a Victoria's Secret ad and just loved it! Obviously, these are not the most creative mantras out there, but they work for me and I absolutely love them. They serve as a good reminder everyday to be proud of who I am and make the most of each day I am given by striving towards what I believe in and never giving up! 
Do you keep little inspirational messages in places where you'll repeatedly see them? What "mantras" inspire you most? 
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  1. I have a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote in my wardrobe that says 'Write it on your heart
    that every day is the best day in the year.' It's the start of this poem (http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/427002-write-it-on-your-heart-that-every-day-is-the) and it always makes me a bit bolder especially when facing days that hold something that I am not looking forward to.


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