Monday, January 6, 2014

Week in the Life #5

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Ahhh, it's Monday and this post is already hours late. Practically everything that could go wrong did and I'm just not feeling the greatest today, yuck. In better more joyful news, IT'S 2014! I know, I know, I'm a bit late, but you finally get to see what the first week of my new year looked like! 

 So on New Year's Eve I tried to make this drink…even though Rosie's pictures are wayyy more magnificent and beautiful than mine (stupid iPhone and my no photog skills), it still tasted pretty delicious. All I needed was a bit of champagne and some raspberry sorbet, and bam! Tasted delicious. My mom even added a bit of red wine to hers and she said it made it even better, and she's generally a picky little one! 
 New Year's Eve! I stayed at home with my family and invited Katie and Caroline over! We had a bonfire, made smores, drank my little concoction, and fangirled (to the point of actual tears) over Sarah Vickers and Kiel James Patrick getting engaged. I swear, they are actual perfection. 
 On New Year's Day, I headed over to Fort Worth, Texas, about 7 hours from my hometown. It's an absolutely beautiful city and I feel so blessed to have gotten to go to a wonderful Cru convention called Winter Conference. The first night we went to a restaurant called Ojos Locos and omg, it was like a Spanish Hooters. The minute we walked in we all giggled and shared a few awkward glances, but the food was pretty good, minus the awkwardness of the waitresses outfits! I snapped a pic of the menu just so you could see what I mean. And can I just say how much I loved the fact that there is a President George Bush turnpike? I'm so proud. (;

So while we explored a bit, we saw the coolest little bridge and I had to snap a terrible pic from the back seat. I swear, I should probably get a better camera and brush up on some photography skills, because these terrible pictures bother the heck out of me. As usual, I had to share a coupe pictures of the delicious food I ate. I deviated from the kid's menu, due to immense peer pressure, and ordered the best burger ever. I also had an amazing breakfast in the hotel restaurant right by their huge fireplace. I felt so princessy. Again, while we were exploring, we popped into the chocolate place called Shakolad and it was pure heaven. I got dark chocolate pretzels and they were amazing. 
We had an outreach day where we went into a few low income communities and helped out by raking people's yards while having conversations about our faith, and it was so amazing. Even though everyone our group talked to either only spoke Spanish or didn't want to talk to us at all, we got to rake a few yards and helping people felt very nice, albeit a bit out of my comfort zone. I also had to add a picture of Katie's mashed potato goodness. It had crunchy fries on top, brisket in the middle, and mashed potatoes and gravy at the bottom. Even though I didn't taste it, it smelled amazing and she loved it. I  thought it was very picture worthy. 
I found this bible verse while at the conference and just loved it. If you had told me a year ago that I'd be at a Christian conference talking about my faith and taking part in praise and worship and then blogging all about it (which I will do later this week after I decompress and process), I'd have thought you were insane. Not because I wasn't raised around the Church or anything, I was just never involved in all that and found it a bit weird and cult like (yes, I have a judgment problem…I'm working on it). Needless to say, I absolutely loved the experience and am so thankful and happy that God has led my life to this place. I cannot wait to share more about my experience with you, but first, I'm off to journal a bit to get my thoughts together and hop in a bubble bath.

How was your New Year's Eve and first week of the New Year? Happy Monday! 

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