Monday, January 13, 2014

Week in the Life #6

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I literally have nothing exciting to show you from last week. I realize that is probably the single most terrible way to start a post, but I can also admit that I did a whole lot of nothing last week. Starting with a Lush bubble bath. 
 I have heard people say that the melting snowman smells like cola cubes, but since I don't know what those are, I can neither confirm or deny. I can say, however, that it doesn't leave a ring around the tub and makes your skin feel silky smooth. #winning 
  I did not feel well for the majority of the week, so as I was home by myself I sat around drinking yummy hot cocoa and watching old movies. As one does when they are home sick. 
My sweet pup Pippa hung out with me all day watching movies with me and being quite cuddly, which is very abnormal for an extremely high strung chihuahua. I'm counting that as a blessing as she is usually climbing all over me. 
Literally the most exciting/BEST THING EVER happened on Wednesday. My Tory Burch boots finally came in and I'm in love. I haven't let anyone touch them and I swear I'd sleep in them if I could. If this is any indiction of what I'll be like when I have actually children (as I refer to these as my babies at the moment), watch out world. P.S. - My mother is a saint. #thankyoumomma
On Thursday, my favorite person ever and most beautiful role model turned 32! Y'all, it should come as no surprise (as I mention her almost as much as Harry Styles) that I just love her. I think she is so classy and poised but yet so cool and outdoorsy and I just want to be just like her! I celebrated her birthday by trying to blow out my hair like hers. After about an hour I gave up as it looked exactly the same as when I only blow dry it for 5 minutes. This is my life. 
On Saturday, I ventured out of the house for probably the first time all week. I went with my bezzie Caroline and my mom to Indulge. It's the cutest little bakery we have in town and I love when I get to go!
 I got Mardi Gras cake - which was heavenly with cinnamon in the icing and the cake - and a strawberry macaroon. I just tried macaroons for the first time last year in an effort to be Blair Waldorf and I'm slowly making my way to trying the pistachio one (Blair's favorite). I love the strawberry because it's so cute and pretty (and tasty), but my dream is that one day someone will send me some and my doorman will bring them up to my posh apartment, a la Blair and Chuck. Just embrace my weirdness, mmkay? 
 Caroline got a chai tea latte in an effort to be College Prepster and I had to take a pic of her taking a pic of her tea. So funny how we like to document every little thing. 
After our little dessert outing, I went to 4 stores to find this stuff! I know, it seems a bit crazy, but I just had to get my hands on it! So far, I'm really liking it, but I'll let you know! 
This morning, we did something special that our family always does! It's a tradition that Madame Grandois (cajun Mrs. Clause) comes and brings presents on New Year's Eve. You put your shoe out and she leaves you a small present, fruit, and candy. Obviously, she was a bit late this year because I was in Fort Worth early on New Year's Day and then my mom and sister started back at school, but she brought me a super cute bracelet, an apple, and a bit of chocolate! I love that we still keep these things going even though my sister and I are getting older…it was a great way to start the day. I spent the rest of the day at lunch with my grandparents, went to mass, had dinner at my dad's, and then Downton Abbey. Great day! 

How was your week? What are you looking forward to this week? 
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