Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Why do you love England so much?"

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If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question, I could afford a house in England and in the States..hence, my dream life. Every time I mention the royal family, or study abroad, or anything english really, people ask me why I am so obsessed. They say things like "Don't you know it's grey and rainy all the time?" and "Living there is just like living here..what's the big deal?" and I don't even know where to begin most of the time. We shall start with the obvious…those dang British accents. 
British accents are just adorable. I could listen to a British person talk all day and never get tired of it. I watch British YouTubers talk and am just memorized. It is weird, I know, but I personally think it's amazing. And can I just say how unfair it is that Brits can talk in an American accent so easily but yet Americans sound like they have a speech impediment when they try to "speak British." Also, words like "jumper" instead of sweater, or not finishing a phrase when saying things like "a cuppa" or "stickers on." I love it, but I always want to say "A cup of what?" "Stickers on what?" 
The people. So many people that I love have come out of England. Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Harry Potter, Harry Styles (and Liam, Louis, and Zayn), David Beckham, Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, Robert Pattinson…and also Amy Norris
The music. I mean, Rolling Stones, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, The Kooks, The Beatles, The 1975, The Cure, The Smiths, McFly, One Direction…(; I just love when I love a band and then find out they're British because to me, it makes me love them even more. 
The vocabulary. I keep a running lists of my favorites but right now it's arse, blusher, trousers, lads, bird (someone is going to call me their bird even if I have to coerce it out of them), fortnight, and yogurt. Gotta love the way they say yogurt. #iamembarrassing 
The hats. Why do we not wear hats in America? I have a few, but I don't ever wear them in public because people think I'm crazy. I just want to dress like Kate Middleton…is that too much to ask?
Afternoon tea. I don't even drink tea, but I think the idea of wearing a big hat, elbow length gloves, and a fancy dress to go drink it is just too much. 
Quaint little towns. We have small towns here, but I love the idea of having a town center with a main street and all that. I also like the idea of driving on the left side of the road. I don't understand why they do that, but I like it. 
The politics. I find the Parliamentary system so interesting. There is so much cool history there and I love it. I get so into the history behind Parliament and the way their system works as compared to ours and it's just so neat. 
The royal family. Okay, I don't just say this because I grew up loving Prince William and Prince Harry and now I'm absolutely obsessed with Kate Middleton, I say it because I think the royal family does a good job of bringing the country together. I mean, look how excited and united the whole country was for the royal wedding and the birth of the royal baby…that just doesn't happen in America. 
The history. All silliness aside, I really starting falling for England when I started reading Philippa Gregory's books. I love to read about the previous kings and queens of England and learn about the military and political history there. America is so young compared to European countries and we don't have all the interesting history and architecture..I mean, castles! 
In the end, I love England because I've grown up thinking of it as such a magical, foreign place. It's one of those things where you picture yourself being who you've always wanted to be - crazy, carefree, and full of life - once you get there and it just seems so magical. Like all of a sudden I'll get to Heathrow and my life will begin…and it'll be full of fun parties and romantic days, of course. I've loved reading about it and watching movies made/set there and always said I would go but never actually thought it would happen. Now that is is happening, it symbolizes the fact that I had a goal, never gave up on it or thought I could't do it, and actually made it happen! I cannot wait to be blogging from England and fangirling over all the amazing things I'm doing and places I'm seeing everyday! 
What is your favorite "must visit" place in the world?
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