Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Valentines

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I am just all about the V day lately and for some reason that has sent me into a bit of a DIY crafting and baking frenzy! Yesterday it was all about the homemade cobbler and today it's about the actual Valentine! These Mason Jar Valentines are so incredibly easy to put together but they can be so personalized as well! All you need is a mason jar, paper, scissors, markers, and then whatever candy, ribbons, or extras that you deem necessary! 
Since this Valentine is pour moi, I grabbed a few of my favorite candies and got pink ribbon, quelle surprise! I love funny Valentine's so mine says "You're a dime." Get it, HA HA. 

Add the candy, tie a cute little bow, pop in the Valentine and you're good to go! It takes all of about 10 minutes but it comes out so precious and your friends and fam will love it! Personalize it special for them to make them feel extra special! 

What are you doing/making for Valentine's Day? 

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