Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Exactly Who I Want to Be

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Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you're exactly who you want to be? I feel like throughout daily life I have little moments where I wish I was a little more A or a little less B, but lately, I've been really happy with who I am right now. 
When I was younger, probably about middle school, I watched an episode of True Life with my sister and it always stuck with me. No, it wasn't an episode with a drug addict or obsessive hoarder, it was True Life: I'm a Southern Belle. Before you judge, it wasn't all poufy hair and bad accents, I promise.There were some girls like that, but the main one that stuck with me was a normal, naturally pretty, true Southern Belle. There are a lot of things about being a Southern Belle that are pretty stupid to me (like the "bless your heart" stereotypes) but this girl was very proper and poised and had great manners and confidence, you could just tell. On top of all this though, the physical attribute that stuck out to me was her style. She was wearing a classic white Ralph Lauren button down and causal jeans…at home. To middle school me this was a foreign concept in my world of trash bag shorts and tshirts 24/7...but I knew I wanted to be just like her, inside and out. 
I think this stuck out to me because not only did I realize that I wanted my own personal style to be that way; clean, classic, and put together, but I also realized how important it is to always at least look presentable. No, not always a full face of makeup and flawless outfit, but at least some semblance to a living, breathing human…that has a style. 
So yes, I guess a bit of this "happy in my own skin" movement happened when I realized that a classic button down, laid back jeans, and ballet flats was my go to outfit (so I was literally becoming that girl), but more than that, just the things I do and way I act. I am involved in loads of things and I think I've got a pretty good handle on all of it. My resume is coming along quite nicely and I'm going after all the things I've always wanted. I am kind to people whenever I get the chance to be and it always brightens my day when I know I brightened theirs. I am growing so much in my relationships with my family, my friends, and most importantly, God. 
It's like I suddenly turned around and realized that I am starting to be that person who I always looked up to when I was little. And obviously, I know I'll always look up to different people for different things (like women in politics and business) and I'll always strive to grow towards that, but I'm genuinly happy with the mature, well rounded person that I am now. And that has changed so much in how I see myself, how I treat myself, and how I conduct my daily life with those around me. If I'm being honest, I'm really proud of that. And it makes me a much kinder, gentler person because I am confident in who I am and I don't feel the need to apologize for being this way. All in all, today I am me, and I am very happy with who "me" is. 
When do you feel the most comfortable in your skin? 
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  1. As cheesy as it sounds, finding and being with my now husband really helped me to settle into my own skin, without having to pretend to be anyone else, or not have to laugh at jokes by guys that aren't fun. I can go without make up, sing in the shower, eat all the cookies and i'm still his guy. That's help me alot - in terms of being comfy and being more expecting of myself.

  2. As soon as I finished reading your post, I watched this episode online. All 3 girls were so poised & I loved their style. It seems like it can be exhausting, though, to spend that much time on hair & makeup & clothes every day!


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