Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Five

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Today I am leaving for a very special trip! I am so excited, but more on that later! For now, here's what I've been loving this week!
1 // ilo inspired post
I am a pretty aggressive competitive person. I am totally fine admitting that because I know it to be true. I love Maxie's post because it so true that being aggressive (as a woman) is seen as a bad thing. I love the thought of just being proud of it…as long as your aren't big-headed and you can still listen. Definitely a good read, but yet, Maxie's posts almost always are. 
2 // This is how we do it 
Do I need to explain? It's just a throwback to a really good song that has been my go-to pump up song this week. I love it! 
3 // Amy's post on The Fault in Our Stars 
This just really made sense to me. I haven't read the book yet (Shock! Horror!), but I really loved this post. Some infinities are bigger than others. For me, my brain goes on over drive thinking of the long history of the world compared to my short little life, but that doesn't mean my life is meaningless. I think I've just been convinced to read the book! 
4 // The Skimm
This is awesome y'all. I have current events quizzes in my poll sci classes, which I've been failing miserably, but I finally have started making 5/5! The Skimm sends you a daily email with the biggest news in terms you can understand and it's actually quite funny. I highly recommend it if you want to stay informed but don't want to read a novel every morning!
5 // Il Mondo
Yes, another song. If you haven't seen About Time yet, then you may not get my obsession with this..but if you have, then I know you probably loved it too. It just makes me so happy and I also feel cultured because it's in another language. Heck, maybe I'll walk down the aisle to this too. (;

What have you been loving this week? 
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  1. So random, I found an old mix cd this week and was jamming to some Montell Jordan as well :) I also really enjoyed Amy's post on The Fault in Our Stars!


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