Monday, February 24, 2014

Week in my Life #11

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Last week was awesome My test got moved to this week meaning I had nothing to do besides a few minor homework assignments! I did lots of hanging out with friends and had a pretty full week, so here it is! 
On Monday the weather was absolutely amazing and people were everywhere on campus. I saw someone in a hammock and had to take a picture to show you guys. Yes, this is in the middle of our quad. I kind of wished I was him for a bit. 

Omg y'all. This is my roommate Victoria and her boyfriend Dalton before a fraternity party. The theme was Mexican-ish and this is how they dressed. Dalton's mustache made us all cry-laugh and the whole thing was just too good to leave out. Check out his creeper grin…omg. 

Aah, Amy's post PLL snapchat. I could not have said it better myself. 

Rock climbing! In LSU's gym there is a little rock climbing room which I just found and I had to go test it out. Katie and I had a fitness night where we rock climbed at then played tennis outside! My body is just now recovering. #totalbaby 

This is Caroline's dog Louis. He is the most adorable thing and I have loved getting these silly snap chats from her. She is a nursing major, so yeah. 

Harry Styles at the Brits. This should be illegal…I mean. #icanteven 

I frequently third wheel Victoria and Dalton at the dining hall and this was one of the occasions. I took this to show you the extent of my eating habits (mac and cheese and pizza) but then threw away the pizza because it had carrots on it! Who does that?! It was a really good night to go because the chef's were having a cook-off based around mac and cheese and honestly, they were both delicious. 

Siri cracks me up. I mean, she just says the weirdest but funniest things. 

Thursday was another beautiful day before the rain came in. I think the temp was in the 60s and everyone was loving it. If you didn't know, the movie Pitch Perfect was filmed here and when I see people sitting in the quad it always reminds me of that! 

Gotta love Bible humor! 

Again, gorgeous weather. I was just loving it! I drove around all day with music blaring and my sunroof open! 

I had Chi Omega formal Friday night and this is just too funny not to include. I just cannot keep still for any amount of time. 

Andddd we're back. How cute are we? This is Allyce and Scotty and I love them both to pieces! 

You guys know, I had to include a collage. Again, Allyce and Scotty and one of my best friends Dean. I'm not all about dancing, but all in all it was pretty fun. People watching drunk people is one of my favorite pastimes and on Friday I hi the jackpot. 

My Valentine from my mom! I came home to this on Saturday and it was so awesome! I loved everything in there, especially my owl valentine's note because Chi O is owls. I still haven't given my mom her present (I know, I know), but once I do, I will definitely show it to you because I really love it! 

Oh, Lush. They know me so well. This is the starry night beth bomb and it was amazing. Isn't it precious? 

First it spins like crazy and turns your water and aqua blue...

and then pink and yellow start shooting out of it and your water turns the deepest blue! I really liked the smell of it and it made my skin so soft! 

On Sunday, we had the annual Mardi Gras parade in my town. My grandparents were on the city officials float and I just love it! It was the rainiest, dreary day, but it was still fun because I practically knew someone on every float. That's small town life for ya. 

When I got back onSunday I went to an exec board meeting at Yogurtland (I know, awesome) and then had dinner with Dalton and Victoria at Fat Cow. #thirdwheelforlife
Overall, very packed and fast paced, but full of fun things to do, so a great week in my life! 

How was your week?
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  1. Oh my gosh, the Ezra thing!

  2. Hahahahahahaahahahahaa obviously someone should take away my snapchat once it hits 2am because no good can come of me snapchatting post-PLL reactions!!
    (I'm still way too jealous that you go to school where Pitch Perfect was filmed!!)

  3. I love how this post is just full of pictures! Such a great idea.

    xo Sydney


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