Monday, February 3, 2014

Week in my Life #8

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This week has been a bit slow for me as it consisted of one day of class and about 4 days of never leaving my dorm. I have caught up on Sherlock and proceeded to fall in love (no way I'm going to make it until 2015 for more), found loads of blogs and bands that I now am obsessed with, and been more shut in than social…so here are the highlights. 
I am obsessed with Yoplait's Greek yogurt. I'm going through a bit of a weird food phase and this was literally what I had for diner the other night…with coke in my Harry Styles cup. I am a certified 5 year old. 
We had two snow days last week and this is all it took to get school cancelled. #southernprobs 
Watching a film about Margaret Thatcher with good ole Haz. 
Amy sent me this snap chat whilst I was living through the most boring lecture of my life. I cannot tell whether it improved my day or made me insanely jealous. Btw, umm, do you go to school at Hogwarts? 
So I found this on a Barnes and Noble adventure and laughed for a good ten minutes. 
Read the example messages…they're hilarious. 
For people that ask me if Duck Dynasty is a big thing here…#camodevotionals
Blogger Breakfast in Bed on Saturday = so much fun! Absolutely loved it! 
Literally did not change from my pjs all day Saturday. It was glorious. 
Literally, this photo of me makes me cringe, but I can't get past our mutual smooshy cheeks. 
I think I've had a burger in every WIML since the very first one…why stop now? 
How was your week? Get up to anything good? 
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