Monday, February 3, 2014

Week in my Life #8

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This week has been a bit slow for me as it consisted of one day of class and about 4 days of never leaving my dorm. I have caught up on Sherlock and proceeded to fall in love (no way I'm going to make it until 2015 for more), found loads of blogs and bands that I now am obsessed with, and been more shut in than social…so here are the highlights. 
I am obsessed with Yoplait's Greek yogurt. I'm going through a bit of a weird food phase and this was literally what I had for diner the other night…with coke in my Harry Styles cup. I am a certified 5 year old. 
We had two snow days last week and this is all it took to get school cancelled. #southernprobs 
Watching a film about Margaret Thatcher with good ole Haz. 
Amy sent me this snap chat whilst I was living through the most boring lecture of my life. I cannot tell whether it improved my day or made me insanely jealous. Btw, umm, do you go to school at Hogwarts? 
So I found this on a Barnes and Noble adventure and laughed for a good ten minutes. 
Read the example messages…they're hilarious. 
For people that ask me if Duck Dynasty is a big thing here…#camodevotionals
Blogger Breakfast in Bed on Saturday = so much fun! Absolutely loved it! 
Literally did not change from my pjs all day Saturday. It was glorious. 
Literally, this photo of me makes me cringe, but I can't get past our mutual smooshy cheeks. 
I think I've had a burger in every WIML since the very first one…why stop now? 
How was your week? Get up to anything good? 
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  1. Love! I nominated you for the Liebster Award, please check my blog tomorrow for more info!


    1. Will do! I've done the Liebster Award before, but thanks for nominating me!

      xo, Sarah

  2. Have a good week! :)


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