Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day Six: Cagliari, Italy!

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Cagliari! We spent the day outside with this gorgeous weather and did nothing but eat, shop, and explore…my favorite kind of day! These pictures are mostly in order so you can see us strolling down all sorts of mysterious street and just sort of stumbling on some pretty cool stuff! 

I'm pretty sure this is their Justice Palace. Maybe it's the poll sci major in me, but 1. I love the term "Justice Palace", and 2. Can we have one please? The JPs were gorgeous in every city! 

that side window thing 

be still my beating heart. You gorgeous old building, you. 

a mural painted outside of this really old church 

in the courtyard 

cue the oohs and aahs 

the entranceway for goodness sakes! 

very old books

back out onto the main street struggling to walk up hill...

"ooh that looks neat, let's go check that out"

"ooh, that too!"

Right about here I found 5 euros on the ground…it was a good day! 

We happened upon this old courtyard thing and it had an elevator going up to the next street level...

so we said "let's go!"

and we weren't disappointed 

especially when we saw what looked like an old city waiting behind this wall

and another gorgeous view 

getting cooler...

and we made it into this suburb-y thing 

Just parking my scooter next to my front door, no biggy

above someone's door

and then we found this little courtyard over looking the harbor

and then turned around to see this! 

and yet another view! 

when we found a down elevator (apparently they just pop them around the city)...

we were literally right in front of this beautiful building! 

But we had to take one more look up! 

I like big doors and I cannot lie. 

I literally felt like they were going to drive into the ocean...

an archaeological dig right in the middle of the city…there was even a skeleton in the ground…tres cool

a case in the gelato shop with money from all sorts of places! 



random church that we stumbled upon while trying to find wifi (;

The courtyard inside the JP that I had to snap a shot of…I'm ready to move in. 

This long corridor ran along the entire walkway in front of the harbor...

nice and shady but so beautiful too! 

one more shot for the road…err, the sea, I mean. 

There was a couple awkwardly making out in front of this tree and I didn't notice until after I took a pic.  #awkward #croppedthemout 

Well hello gorgeous 

oooh, coke AND a pizza panini? Perfecto! 

Nutella, welcome to my life. 

My sister actually zoomed in on my face and set it as her screen saver...

but this one is much better! 

Me, mumma, and Hannah! 

I actually bought a really awesome dress from the Mango here, but never took a pic in it! Loved the shops and everything else here! It was a fun day! 

Have you ever been to Cagliari? What did you think? 
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  1. Looks so gorgeous and fun. I'm so jealous.

  2. 'Justice Palace' - fantastic. I know what I'm naming my apartment next year.
    Side note: pizza panini??? PLEASE.


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