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Day Seven: Tunis, Tunisia

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Tunisia was a bit of a weird day. The culture and way of life was just so different there than I had ever experienced before and being in a place with such obvious Muslim influences was just strange for me. Not that I am against the Muslim religion or anything like that, it's just not familiar to me and I felt out of my comfort zone. Seeing police out in the street with machine guns and learning that they just became a democracy about two years ago did not make me any more comfortable than before, but hey, it was an experience! My only comment would be that if you are not comfortable with haggling, people herding you into their shop, and not leaving you alone while you look around, the souks are not for you. 

Carthage! So gorgeous! The weather was a bit in and out all day but this is the first place we went and I'm so glad we did! 

The palace

Hannibal as in the Carthaginian military general, not the cannibal 

Here starts the pictures from the Bardo Museum which houses the greatest collection of Roman and Byzantine mosaics. I was amazed that these things were on the walls, the floors, and basically everywhere…not even roped off! 

Did I mention the building used to be a palace? 

Just on the floor! So crazy but apparently the Romans used these huge mosaics similar to the way we use rugs

Mosaic representing the horoscope

a courtyard I shot through the window..pretty 

these people are their ceilings! 

just to show you the difference, the mosaics have faded (obviously) so this pic shows the touched up version while one below is untouched 

statues of all of the emperors 

Here we entered the Medina, or old town, which had the souks, or specialized shops/markets 

inside a souk 

We went to a carpet/rug making shop and she tied wool around our wrists for good luck…I still have mine amazingly! 

The blue boxes are where women used to hang out because they could not be seen but they still wanted to be able to see outside  

Inside of the restaurant for lunch

The only thing I ate off of this plate was the hash brown like thing in the corner

so cool to see French everywhere 

Anddd now comes the Roman public baths 

This site is neat because it shows two-three layers of ruins. One and the very bottom (probably Carthaginian) and then two layers in the wall (probably Roman) 

Another Roman road (so many people walked here so long ago..ahh!)

The bathhouse right on the Mediterranean 

At this point it started raining and we took shelter in a thousands of years old Roman bathhouse…I know, pinch me. 

Unfortunately we had to leave the bathhouse, but we went right ahead to the village of Sidi Bou Said..famous for being a village for artists and completely covered in blue and white 

cracked up about this one

and here's my main course (you saw the appetizers earlier)…I did eat the meat but it was a bit green and I tried not to look. The vegetables however, were coming no where near me. 

And then pudding. With weird things on top that were not sweet at all, trust me on that. 

Apparently I have my own shop in the Medina, I'm not complaining 'bout it. 

Sitting on 2000 year old columns…I cannot even fathom it. 

Sorry for the ridiculous overload of pictures but honestly, Rome will be so much worse better! All in all, it was neat to see something so different than anything I've ever seen before, but it wasn't my favorite day. However, the men of Tunisia thought I was pretty great and although it made me a bit uncomfortable, if I ever need to flee America I've got a place to turn to that'll take me in, I guess? 
Have you ever ben to Tunisia? What'd you think? 
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  1. All your posts and all your pictures are so gorgeous!
    I probably wouldn't want to hop on a plane and travel here though. I understand exactly what you meant about the environment in the area. I probably wouldn't be comfortable either. It is gorgeous however. Hope you get to enjoy! Just look away from the machine guns :)

  2. My inner classics student is really geeking out right now!!


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