Monday, March 31, 2014

Day Eight: Sicily

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Phew, at this point, I can hardly remember which day of the cruise was which, evidenced by the fact that I accidentally labeled three of the days as "Day 6". Whoops. Now that I've corrected that (and I'm fairly certain that Sicily was Day 8, let's get on with it! 
We visited the fishing village of Cephalu and I was very pleased! My love for the mountains came back ten fold (they had snow on them!!) and we got to walk around the little streets, I got to gift shop all by myself, and we saw the prettiest little church right in the town square. It was a nice, relaxing day full of things to look at and plenty to do!

These are just all sorts of things we passed on our way out of town, but I thought they were cool enough to take pictures of! We we stopped outside of this building everyone started waving at us! 

so blurry but you get it.

oh yeah, those are snow capped mountains! 


For both wine tastings they put a plate like this in front of me…I did not enjoy it. 

But I totally enjoyed this homemade chocolate! 

This was in the cellar by the bathrooms…pretty cool. 

They get groceries delivered in those little perfect! 

the river passes through here and each of those little squares is where women used to wash clothes 

The town square right up against the mountains 

blurry again, but you get it. 

SO gorgeous. 

I thought the arched bridges were so gorgeous…just popping out all over the place! 

This is an old Roman bridge that has been kept even though the river changed course

there is grass under and on top and people still use it! 

Walking around buying gifts and coke..of course 

The shoreline was beautiful! 

And here is the blurriest picture you'll ever see, but I swear that's us in front of the pretty mountains! 

Have you ever been to Sicily? What'd you think?
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