Monday, March 24, 2014

Day Five: Valencia, Spain

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Valencia! I don't know whether it was the gorgeous weather or the really neat excursion that we did, but I really enjoyed our day in Valencia! We didn't get to have a beach day, but we did get to explore some roman ruins, a quaint little village, and go inside some really cool (and of course old) caves! 
When this building started being built, they found Roman ruins under the foundation. It is now a museum, but how cool is that? I want to find that in my backyard...

The foundations of a house 

and old Roman road that people actually walked on…I had to touch it. Just thinking of all the things that happened here and all the people who walked on this freaks my brain out 

What they think the houses would have looked like 

more houses

a piece of an old column 

When I heard Roman ruins, I thought we were going to get to see this…we didn't, but it's still cool looking!

They leave the old stuff and just build new stuff on top of it. How cool is it that this column has been standing there for 2000 some odd years? Just blows my mind. 

and this archway…

I am totally all about this family coat of arms thing…yes please. 

I love the small winding streets…artsy pic? check. 

the cutest little church ever 

and a close up on that magnificent door 

these are the Roman ruins that we got to see…this was totally far enough up the mountain for me. 

The old walls is the darker brick at the bottom and the restored part is the lighter top part 

the stage in the amphitheatre..with some of the old columns still intact 

here I am just loving the archways 

the actual old steps that were fenced off 

the stage again 

the cheeky little ruins at the top of the mountain 

After the ruins, we saw more ruins at another museum. Here they collect little bits and pieces that are found in excavations. This facade just melts away into the wall and it is so cool  

pieces of columns 

still loving the 2000 year old archways 

when pigs fly...

gah, I just loved the entire look and feel of this place 

those darn mountains got me again...


Now it's time for the caves! 

this one was too funny not to document. 

We got lunch before we went in and this was all I was open to…my picky pallet ya know? But I really can't explain how much better the cheetos were there. America has been robbed. 

Walking through the dry part to get to the boats 

It's dark but you can sort of see a boat next to us 

The water was completely clear and it was so chilly down there! 

paintings on the cave walls 

There is a stretch where the river changed course that you can walk through and it was so amazing 

Taking pictures was technically illegal (hence the no flash darkness) but I figured I couldn't leave there without a few snaps! 

Some parts were so small that you had to bend over in the boat and then in some places it opened up to a huge room

one of those small passageways 

and another one..that opened up to a huge open space  

Check me out in that archway! 


Me and my mumma! 

Overall, the excursion was different than any other day and the weather was perfect for a day outside! If you want to check out more of the caves and see their legally taken pictures (; you can check them out here

Looking forward to sharing all of my cruising stories on the sea day tomorrow! See ya then!

Have you ever been to Valencia? What did you think? 

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  1. Yay! It's my hometown... and where I'm writing from, actually. I've been following your blog for a few months now (and loving it) and when I read you spent a day here it was like "whaaaat?!". Glad you liked it. I live in the city but Sagunto is one of my favorite places, it brings lots of memories to me (and I like classic stuff).

    1. That is just too cool! I didn't get to explore the city but it looked amazing! Ahh, so awesome!

      xo, Sarah

  2. "and old Roman road that people actually walked on…I had to touch it. Just thinking of all the things that happened here and all the people who walked on this freaks my brain out" Me too! It's crazy to think that people just went on with their every day lives there at one point, wearing togas or something, and now it's a museum. Like 1000 years from now someone will dig up your house & people will be amazed & try to guess at what houses looked like in 2014.

  3. Those caves are amazing!!!


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