Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day One: Florence and Tuscany

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Bonjourno! I cannot be held responsible for the crazy picture bomb that it about to be dropped. Just sit back and enjoy it, mmkay? 
I really liked Florence. When people ask me about it, I always say it wasn't quite what I expected, but I really did enjoy it. For some reason, my brain expected a scene out of something similar to Romeo and Juliet with medieval people strolling the streets and that is not what I got…obviously. Part of me wishes that it wasn't the first day so that 1. I could've been more awake, 2. I would've known what to expect and not had Disney images in my mind, and 3. been more prepared. Definitely research ahead if you want to get into the Academia in a timely manner to see Michealangelo's David…we did not and we couldn't wait, therefore we missed it. Also, try not to go on a Sunday so that you can go into the cathedrals. Just to preface these pictures…this is as much as I could trim it down and I still don't know what all these buildings are. They were just beautiful and they help me to remember the whole city. I will caption and explain what I can! 

The view while walking into the city

ooh work that zoom! Part of the old wall and watch towers that protected the city

Santa Croce

Piazza Santa Croce (sadly, so shady)

Palazzo Vecchio 

Piazza della Signoria

Check out that fake David! 

Palazzo Vecchio...again

and again...

The beautiful Duomo

This thing is gorgeous but also huge…no way of getting the whole thing in one picture

I think this was an old palace but it is now a museum…take a look at the inside...

Ponte Vecchio

Courtyard of Santa Croce

view from the castle…yes please!

Tuscan castle!

wine cellar 

medieval dining room 

wine and olive oil storage 

here comes the wine tasting…me and my picky pallet didn't appreciate this

I'm ready to move in! 

So our tour guide Luca was super cute and at the end of the day he gave us all Lemon cello shots. It was wonderful…and tres cool. 
My spaghetti bolognese and my fam's lasagna! Perfecto! 

Overall, my best advice would be to research ahead of time and make the best plans possible to see the things you want to see, get inside in a timely manner, and dress appropriately to go inside the cathedrals  (no knees or shoulders visible). I wish I had gotten more experience by popping into more shops and talking to more Florentines (?), but overall, day one was wonderful.
Meet me in Monaco tomorrow! 

Have you ever been to Florence? What was your favorite part? 
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  1. It's so easy to imagine people in Romeo & Juliet-esque type outfits walking around here! Flow-y dresses, men in tights haha. So excited to see more!

  2. Gah! Those buildings are too beautiful!!


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