Friday, March 21, 2014

Day Four: Barcelona

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Hola! Welcome to Barcelona my lovelies! Besides the language barrier, I really enjoyed Barcelona. It was clean, we had beautiful weather, and there was TONS to see. I really enjoy old ruins and castles and we saw some of that, but Sagrada Familia and another smaller cathedral stole the show! Enjoy! 
Christopher Columbus monument taken through the bus window. It really looks something like this…

Their version of Arc du Triomphe  

old bull fighting stadium which is no longer in use

Sagrada Familia! This is only part of one side which is technically not even the front. It depicts the birth of Jesus and the side opposite depicts the passion. When the two other sides are done they will depict other parts of Jesus' story. 

The inside is huge and so beautiful

I love stain glass and these windows were breathtaking 

I can't even explain how tall and enormous the inside was 

yes, that is a staircase going to the top. 

Parts of the exit which are being built 

scenes from Jesus's death 

Gaudi's original plans for the cathedral 

The school where the children of the builders used to go is next door 

a picture hanging of another great cathedral…so amazing 

the door we exited out of 

the classroom 

me and hannah 
and old castle which is part of the old town 

so cool to see balconies and courtyards where they used to walk and watch the city 

an old watch tower 

in the courtyard 

and old church we found in the old town…used to display the buttresses which Sagrada Familia did not use 

I think this is a government building (?)

such beautiful architecture! 

yet another beautiful cathedral 

My lunch..hamburger is the same in all countries! 
P.S. - it was called the queen hamburger (;

the cafe where we ate lunch...

and their sneaky/creepy passageway 

an old building we stumbled upon! 

I had to go back to the castle for more..

That cathedral again…we all met up in the square to go to our next part of the tour 

We went to this little village set up to represent all of the architecture in Spain…all of the buildings look a bit different and they've turned them into cafes and shops 

the church 

There was an old monastery up on the hill so we took a look 

a big building we saw from the monastery 
turned out to be part of where the Olympics was held way back when 

One last shot of my favorite windows for good measure! 

Me with the Barcelona skyline (sort of)!

AgainI will say that my favorite part was being alb to walk around the city, pop into little shops that weren't necessarily meant for tourists, and eat in a little cafe. Dressing for the cathedrals was easy because of the weather, but if you're planning to visit them in the summer, make sure to cover your shoulders and knees! Also, plan to buy tickets ahead so you don't have to wait too terribly long! 
See you tomorrow on the beautiful beaches of Valencia!
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  1. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Spain is my dream!! I want to go so badly! Thank you for all these pictures. My wanderlust has quadrupled. Haha
    That church is so gorgeous. I'm surprised they allowed pictures inside, but I'm sure glad they did.
    I am enjoying your posts so much! I'm living vicariously through you :)

  2. Gah! So beautiful!!! Stop fuelling my architecture obsession!


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