Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day Three: Toulon, France

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Bonjour! I LOVED Toulon. Can I just start by saying that for someone who had never before seen mountains…this was so amazing. I apologize for the millions of mountain pictures, but I just couldn't get over it. Anyhoo, we didn't plan an excursion for Toulon, but that is what made it so fun. We had no plan and we could just pop around the city stopping into every little shop we wanted and taking our time. The boat ride into the harbor was made even better when the guide said that parts of Les Mis were filmed here…#idie. 
I swear the entire French fleet was hanging out in the harbor. Aircraft carriers galore…and oh, the mountains. 

We even got to see soldiers doing a drill on a huge warship…tres cool. 

Our view when we hopped off the ferry

let the gorgeous old buildings begin

I love the concept of little street-side cafes

little winding (tad bit scary) streets

I am really not sure…but beautiful isn't it? 

we stumbled on to the cutest little market and everything was gorgeous in the sunshine!

Lafayette is the name of my town, so I had to.


a gorgeous old church 

those darn mountains around every corner! 

a few tucked away shops and cafes

We got to eat right on the harbor. I cannot even explain my excitement about this. PICTURE PERFECT i tell you. 

can this please be my future entry way? 

The mountains…the French flag…call me artsy fartsy….

Again with the mountains

oh yeah, by this point I was having a fit...

and constantly saying "just look at them!" to everyone 

the doors..i couldn't help it. 

my (well really my mom's) first Euros! 

I love the look of window boxes and the gorgeous simplicity


the start of my "coke in every country" journey

I actually tried calamari…and it was AMAZING 

Even the bread is cuter in Europe

My fam! 

All in all, this was one of my favorite days because I had no plans or expectations and was so pleasently surprised! Around every corner there was another cute little shop or another gorgeous old buildings and the feeling of being able to explore without any restrictions was amazing! We could just stroll around and have a real experience and I even got to practice my french with the shop owners! Little lesson for the day - you don't have to tip in France, it's already included in their salary. We did not know this and I'm sure they were loving Americans that day. 

Meet me in Barcelona tomorrow?  
Have you ever been to Toulon? What was your favorite part?
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  1. Okay, slowly making my way through your cruise posts and I'm obsessed with all your photos!! I feel so bad for how little I've travelled around Europe! Xx


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