Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day Two : Monaco and Eze Village

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Bonjour! I absolutely adored Monaco. Yes, it was raining cats and dogs and seriously windy and cold, but I loved every bit of it. I have always been fascinated by Monaco, not only because of Grace Kelly and her Cinderella-type story, but just because it always seemed so cool and magical to me. As one of the most expensive places to live in the world, the extravagance is obvious…and I loved it. After seeing the film Monte Carlo a while back, that about cemented my obsession. When I saw it on the schedule I just about died and knew it would be one of my favorites. The pictures aren't always the best because I was a little afraid to take out my big girl camera, but I'll pop in some stock photos of the cool stuff so you can see it in all it's beauty! 
Here's a shot from a little up the mountain…foggy, but you get the idea

Just a close up of the old walls…can I just say how much I love all the medieval things everywhere in Europe? 

view from the palace (which you'll see later) of the side of the hill and a harbor

making our way up the mountain to Eze

starting the steep walk up and this gate to someone's house was just too cool!

Eze! These little walkways just twisted all the way up and shops were popped in everywhere! 
like this one where you had to step down...

and this one where the shop owner lived above it…so cool!

there were art studios...

and five star hotels of course...

and churches that were hundreds of years old

more winding pathways

and oddly placed shops

church at the top of the village 

I am obsessed with these old doors

view from my favorite little cafe

I love the little "through the mountain" walkways

and here it is folks…the most beautiful "hole in the mountain" cafe you've ever seen…#nofilter
It's like a magical scene from my dreams...

Literally so small but so quaint and cute

another view off the mountain…casual human-sized chessboard 

The cutest little hot chocolate I've ever seen…served by French boys..ooh la la.

I will not lie and say I know what this is, but I loved the look of it

My stamp on my passport!

again, loving the clean look of everything 

and again...

the side of the Saint Nicholas where Grace Kelly was married and is now buried along with Prince Rainier 

Saint Nicholas 
a much better picture of the cathedral! 
first sight walking in the doors 

Grace Kelly's grave stone 

And Prince Rainier's

so, so gorgeous

I love all the gold in the paintings…

again, I have no clue what this is, but it's so pretty

next to the church…I want to say this is a police building

the palace!

the square across from the palace

let the door obsession begin...

Their aquarium…be still my beating heart!

side view

Even though I didn't GO to the casino, you can see it the minute the ship docks…so Gatsby if you ask me! 

 Monaco was so beautiful and even though there were lots of up hill cobblestone streets, all the sights to see distracted me plenty! 

See you tomorrow in Toulon, France! 

Have you ever been to Monaco? What was your favorite part? 
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  1. I've never been to Monaco, but now I want to. I love quaint looking places. That cafe looks amazing. Now I want to go have breakfast there.
    The pictures look amazing! No need for your big girl camera. This place is just gorgeous!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Monaco!!! Seriously loving these posts!


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