Monday, March 3, 2014

Major Life Updates

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So yes, I know this would normally be the day when I update you on the last week of my life, but I have much bigger news than that! 
I got my acceptance on Thursday so if you follow me on social media (and you probs should) then you'll already know! I am equal parts nervous and excited, especially now that I have to do things like apply for a student Visa and buy a plane ticket! If you guys have any advice on what I should bring or prepare for, please share!
In other news, I am currently on a two week Mediterranean cruise! This was my sister's Make-A-Wish so it's so exciting to finally be going! I'm going to share it all with you when I get back, but for now enjoy the guest posts and things I have planned for you! Next time you "see" me I'll be so much more mature and cultured! (;
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