Sunday, March 30, 2014

#showuswhereyouwork Link Up

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I'm so excited to be taking part in the Show Us Where You Work Link Up courtesy of Life with rMe, Prep in your Step, and East Coast Girl in Pearls! Along with the questions that go with the tag, I thought I'd show you the progression of my work space both at home and in my dorm! 
My desk and window sill on move in day! A bit shabby but I love having the window!

Most of my work gets done in my bed. I only work at my desk if it's serious crunch time and I need to really zone in! 

My desk about mid-year…still no picture in the frame.

My window sill mid-year. Takes away a bit of the light but makes storage SO much easier! 

Again, working in my bed. #bestworkspace

My bed at home…gold, pink, fairy lights, eek! 

My desk on a normal day…full of stuff! 

Ahh! Here's most most recent (and cleanest) picture! I love my little flower bouquet AND I finally got a picture in that frame! 

I'm obsessed. 

Stacking my things by my lamp makes for so much more space beside my computer! And putting all my pens/penicls in a jar saved them from rolling all over the place and adding clutter. 

My note cards and Chi O notes! 

And now for the questions…
1. Where is your favorite workspace located? (Library, apartment, dorm room?)
My bed. Always. If I need to get serious (rarely), then I move to my desk.

2. Do you prefer a sleek desk or you more of an “organized chaos” kind of person?
I can focus much better when my desk and area around it is clean. When I'm working in my bed, I only bring up what I need, so it's fairly organized, but my desk can be a bit of a "catch all", so I try t organize and de-clutter it before I study.

3. What is your favorite kind of writing utensil?
I used to love the uni ball fountain pen type ones, but then they started being very splotchy on my paper and that is a no-no. Right now I'm into just the cheapy Bic ones! They work so well and cost so little!

4. Show us your calendar or agenda!
You asked for it! 
5. And just for fun, what are you looking forward to most about spring?
I can't wait to wear light fabrics! I'm just waiting for the day when I can hop out of the pool, throw on a light dress and sandals, and run out of the door! I love pastel colors and can't wait to wear them ALL DA TIME. (;

And yes, I totally wrote this post while lazing around in my bed.
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  1. Thanks for linking up with us today! Your LSU frame is so cute (and even cuter now that you have a picture in it! :) )

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! My bed def. becomes my working space a lot too!

  3. so cute! I am also a Chi Omega (at UVA)!

  4. I love your lamp! So glad you linked up! I loved reading your post.

    xoxo, Sydney

  5. Oh my bed was def my desk in all my years at university even in shared housing. Loved it, had notes, books my laptop everywhere all over it. Best work space i've ever had!

  6. I'm the same - I tend to work from my bed throughout the semester but when it comes to deadlines and exams I have to move to my desk to properly focus!

    The Life & Times of Belle


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