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Top 5 Must See European Cities - Guest Post by Vina

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How are you guys this morning? Today I have a guest post from the lovely Vina for ya! She is seriously the sweetest and I am SO glad she wanted to guest post for me while I am gone! I'm so blessed to have found her and I know you're going to enjoy her post! 
Hello readers of Sarah Smile! I am absolutely honored to be guest posting for Sarah today while she is off jet-setting :)
My name is Vina, and I am the blogger behind The Bouquineuse. In honor of Sarah's trip, I decided to write about my top 5 must-see European cities for anyone who loves to travel, or just loves hearing about cool foreign places! I've included some tips and a few of my favorite tourist spots.

Must-See European Cities
  1. Paris. Where do I even begin? If it is possible to be in love with a city, then I am completely enamored with this one. The language is beautifully romantic, the city layout is perfection, the food is unique and delicious (macarons anyone?), and the fashion is in a league of its own. My advice? Take one to two days to visit all of the major tourist attractions, and after that just soak in the city. Sit in outdoor cafes, stroll down cobblestone streets, and explore museums. Paris has tons to offer, but make sure you save time for the artist's district by Montmartre; you won't regret it!
  2. London. Despite the gray skies and frequent rainy weather, London is a must-see on any avid traveller's list. The history is part of what gives this gorgeous city so much character. The architecture is beyond fabulous and it is fascinating to see the differences between the older and more modern parts of town. The London Dungeons was probably my favorite childhood tourist attraction.
  3. Sorrento. The charm, the serenity, the ocean breeze... Anyone having wanderlust yet? Sorrento is a deliciously tucked away slice of Italy. While many tourists flock to larger metropolitan areas like Rome, Sorrento is frequently overlooked. My fondest memories of Italy are not from Rome, but from balmy evenings on hotel rooftops in Sorrento overlooking the Mediterranean, as I ate gelato by the scoop and chatted for hours with my friends.
  4. Barcelona. Not only do they have super cute soccer (football) players, but the culture here is so vibrant it is hard not to fall in love. Grab a plate of paella and sit outside in the sunshine to people watch, as the people in Barcelona are an eclectic mix! The art museums in this city are really incredible, so be sure to check those out if you visit. If you are a bit shy (like me) you may want to steer clear of the beaches because they are nude...
  5. Nice. Back to France. The French Riviera is breathtaking, and this city has a little piece of everything. Friendly people, yummy food, lively street performances, sun-soaked beaches, and an overall happy atmosphere! The nighttime outdoor markets were my favorite; testing out your French while bargaining with the vendors is always a funny experience. I would definitely go back if I have the chance!
What is your favorite city, either visited or on your must-see list, European or otherwise? (Sometimes the best kept secrets are cities close to home...)

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  1. Edinburgh is a most - for history and gorgeous views - I actually prefer Edinburgh to London!

  2. Sorrento was one of my favorite places I visited in Italy! I loved the entire Amalfi Coast-- but Siena was another one of my favorite cities I would love to visit again!

  3. I don't think you can narrow the best places in Europe down to just five.
    I think if I had to pick 5 places I'd say: Florence, Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam and Venice

    ~ K


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