Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day Nine: Naples and Pompeii!

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Going to Pompeii was an awesome experience. I've heard my parents talk about it many times, but I never could get a good picture in my head so I didn't know what to expect. As I've mentioned before, my brain has lots of trouble wrapping around the fact that people lived thousands of years ago PERIOD, much less that they lived so much like we do now. 
Seeing the houses and roads (and even the brothel) was an awesome experience even though it made me realize how tiny my life is in the spectrum of the whole world! 
Walking towards the entrance 

the "floor" of the theatre 

Marks left in the road from chariots….chariots, you guys! 

Our guide called this their McDonald's. She said this is where people came to buy cooked food, hence the big barrels. 

The slave quarters and staircase near the front door so they could open the door for company 

entryway to the house we visited 

hole in the floor where they collected water that fell through the ceiling. They kept eels in it so the water would not be still, which means they drank out of this. 

painted walls 

the courtyard 

oh yeah, these guys had a spa. 

more paintings out in the courtyard 

a sort of storage room 

the wood in the middle is the original wood from the house that was petrified 

graffiti outside one of the houses…probably someone running for public office 

one of the bakeries…the found bread in some of the ovens when they were excavating 

These stones were placed so that you could cross the road without stepping on bodily fluids and things that they dumped in the street, but also separated the streets into lanes for chariots! 

The ceiling of the public baths 

The men's room in the bath house 

some of the bodies found 

another bath

the outside of the brothel 

yep, that is a cement bed in the brothel. No comment. 

That is exactly what you think it is. I think our guide called it a "picture menu."

a fountain in the street 

The white detailing that you see was there to show that this whole portion of the street (mainly shops) was owned by the same person 

arsty pic time! There's good ol' Mount Vesuvius behind the ruins

This killed me. That's a dog, y'all. :(

Pottery and things found in excavations 

This road is the only one with white pebbles and it's because it went all the way to the shore/port. This was done so that travelers could see the road by torchlight if they arrived at night and it took them all the way into the middle of the town 

A castle on a hill back in Naples! 

And old castle literally steps from the port! 

Us in the town center with Mount Vesuvius and the ruins! 

How posh does my coke look? 

I don't eat margarita pizza here in the states, but omg, this is the best pizza I've ever had. It was like they made one huge puffy bread roll and then put sauce and cheese on top! So fluffy! And with my posh coke, best.meal.ever. 

All in all, it was a great day! I learned so much about the history there and it definitely was a place that was very different than all the other places we saw!

See you tomorrow for the last day in Rome! 

Have you ever been to Pompeii? What did you think? 

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  1. Gorgeous pictures - it looks amazing! I have always wanted to visit Pompeii! :)

  2. I've always wanted to visit Pompeii!! So jealous! Xx


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